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$12Million         to hand over     Fired?

By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie, Banjul.
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Banjul-The Gambia: The Inspector General of Police, Mr. Musa Mboob, has been removed from his position as the IGP with effect from today, Freedom newspaper can authoritatively reveal. According to stainless sources, Mr. Mboob’s benefits were today worked out and was given a horse-kick after other necessary arrangements were made for his exist. He is now replaced by the relatively unknown Mr. Benedict Jammeh, who was, hitherto his appointment, on a studies in the United Kingdom. He was elevated to the high office of IGP barely 40 days after his arrival into the country from the UK. At the time of filing this story, the reason(s) for Mr. Mboob’s removal from office could not be established. But sources close to State House said Mboob’s removal might have to do with the escape of the Senegalese Marabout who reportedly duped President Jammeh $12 Million dollars. The Marabout was said to have accused the Gambian leader of  failing to pay him after he had manufactured aids herbal drugs for him,  which he Jammeh uses these days to cure the country’s aids patients.

Mr.Mboob’s arresting team, who were detailed to fetch for the absconded Marabout returned to Banjul without bringing the Marabout as Dakar refuses to hand over the said Marabout.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports say the Speaker of Gambia’s Parliament Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay has been fired. The Speaker of the National Assembly is also said to have been today shown the door. According to rumors milling round town, Mrs. Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay otherwise FJC, today came to the receiving end of Jammeh’s tantrum and hiring and firing syndrome, though these rumors are yet to be confirmed. Efforts to contact Mrs. Jahumpa-Ceesay proved futile.

Below is another piece on the escape Marabout. Please read on…

By A Special Correspondent

Banjul-The Gambia: Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has been duped by a Senegalese Marabout, who absconded with his $12Million dollars, as relationship between the two have soured with the Senegalese Marabout accusing the Gambian leader of refusing to pay him the herbal medicines he created for him to cure aids and other related diseases, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively reveal. A contingent of Gambia’s security agents were immediately dispatched to fetch for the absconded Marabout, who was spotted in the Senegalese region of Kalack, but attempts to get the Marabout extradited to the Gambia or to recover the said $12 Million dollars had woefully failed, according to well placed sources at the state house in Banjul. The Gambian security delegation, which embarked on a wild goose chase for the fugitive Marabout, went as far as proposing a truce with the Senegalese authorities in a bid secure the said money back. According to our sources, the Gambian security agents proposed to release the Senegalese Customs agents currently standing  trial in the Gambia on charges of  illegal possession of fire arms if Dakar should agree to hand over the said Marabout and the  $12 Million dollars funds belonging to the Gambian Head of State. The Senegalese authorities however, turned down the said truce proposed by The Gambia, whilst they refused to hand over the Marabout.

According to leaks from the State House, the Senegalese Marabout was hosted by the President at his Kanilai villa, prior to their strained relationship. The Marabout, said our sources was the brain behind the much talked about Jammeh aids cure drug story. The President was said to have promised to pay the Marabout $12 Million dollars in the event the said aids herbal drugs worked. Having stayed in Kanilai for months to help supervise the President’s aids cure activities, the Marabout later ran out of emotions since the President was taking credit for his so called aids cure success story without paying him what our sources called his “hard earned money.”

The Marabout whose presence was no secret in Kanilai was able to lay his hands on Jammeh’s $12Million dollars and later took onto his hills. News of his sudden disappearance has devastated the Gambian leader, who in turn ordered the NIA, border guards and other sister security agencies to arrest the Marabout if spotted within and outside the country. The arresting team however could not accomplish the President’s directives, as law enforcement officers in Kalack refused to hand over the fugitive.

The Marabout, in a statement to the Senegalese authorities has accuses President Jammeh of betrayal of trust, breach of contract among other things. He denied stealing the said money from the Gambian leader.

Members of  Gambia’s security forces who participated into the search of the absconding Marabout said they spent sleepless nights looking for the Marabout who was later spotted in Kalack. According to informed sources, the Gambian leader is very angry at this hour. ”He has been raining insults since the escape of the Marabout. He is blaming everyone for the Marabout’s escape.” said our source.

It would be recalled that the Gambian President in a televised address  to the nation recently said he had now been given the mandate to cure Hiv/Aids and Asthma. Well, the secret behind his aids cure mandate has been exposed, thanks to our loyal sources at the state house. The Senegalese Marabout who prescribed the herbal aids drugs for him is currently at large. He has been exposing how he helped Jammeh with the said drugs and his failure to comply with an agreement to pay him if the drugs emerged successful.

What many people are asking here is that: how comes President Jammeh can carelessly allowed the Senegalese Maramout to escape with such huge amount of money, which is twice bigger than the budgeted allocated for the Department of State For Education. Sources close to the President said the Gambian leader these days dishes out dollars to people who worked for him. “The said funds could have been used to revamp the ailing economy. Since Jammeh is denying Gambians development, he is bound to run into such scams. From what we are hearing, half of the country’s budget is saved at Kanilai. This man is so rich that he don’t walk with dalasis these days. The Marabout had succeeded in duping him.” said a source.

At the beginning of his aids cure story, many aids activists within and outside the country thought that it was another hoax designed to shatter the hopes of Gambian aids patients and elsewhere across the globe. But President Jammeh insists that he don’t need to convince anybody about his aids cure medicines. A UN envoy who raises doubt over the President’s aids cure claims was kicked out of the country. She was given 24 hours to leave the West African country, or risked being deported to her home country.

Meanwhile, the news on the Marabout’s escape is being treated under the carpet in Kanilai. President Jammeh is very upset with Dakar according to our sources.

Attempts to reach the State House Press Director Ebrima JT Brown Kujabi, for comments proved abortive. JT was indisposed at press time. A source close to the state house press office has confirmed the said missing $12 million dollars at the palace. The source said the Marabout betrayed the President when he unceremoniously left with his $12Million dollars funds. The said missing $12 Million dollars has been a subject of discussion at the State House and in Kanilai.

Meanwhile, President Jammeh has fired the Inspector General of police Musa Mboob in retaliation to  the escape of the Marabout. More firings are expected in days to come.

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