Breaking News:I doubt Jammeh’s aids cure-There is no cure for aids-Says UDP’S Femi Peters!
I Doubt Jammeh’s Aids Cure claims-There is No cure for aids-Femi Peters Tells Freedom!

Jammeh Don’t Have The Mandate of The People To rule-Peters Argues

He says UDP Led Alliance Alive And Kicking!

By A Staff Writer

The Propaganda Secretary of the United Democratic Party Femi Peters, has rubbishes President Yahya Jammeh’s aids cure claim story, describing it as “impossible and fishy.” Mr.Peters who spoke  for the first time since Jammeh’s  so called aids cure told the Freedom Newspaper in an interview that he doubted President Jammeh’s ability to cure HIV, which scientists say is the virus that causes aids.”I have my doubts. I don’t think that the President can cure aids. The whole thing sounds  fishy and doubtable.I’m not convinced at all.” the leading politician told this news medium during the weekend. Mr.Peter’s reaction comes amidst international condemnation against the mixed messages being currently circulated by the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh that he had now found the cure for aids. But Femi Peters is apprehensive about Jammeh’s claims. Peters argued that HIV is still a global problem, which had no cure yet. He says nothing can make him to buy the President’s aids cure story.

According to the UDP Propaganda Secretary, in the absence of factual proofs and evidence to substantiate such aids cure claim made by the Gambian leader, skepticism and doubts are bound to be raised. Peters also says hiv/aids results purportedly taken from some aids patients treated by the President should be shared with the public, including international research firms such the Banjul based Medical Research Council for medical authentication. Peters believes that the MRC being a major HIV/Aids research institute in this country should be involved in the said aids test to verify Jammeh’s claims for aids cure.

Mr.Peters speaking from his Banjul home said, he don’t believe that President Jammeh was confident enough to cure aids. Aids, he maintains has no cure yet and deserves local and international approach to tackle it. The outspoken politician also warns about the ramifications of Jammeh’s aids cure claims coming from an African President, who oppresses his people over the years adding “it may tempt the youth population to engage in risky behaviors.” Peters advocates for condoms use for now, since according to him “there is no cure for aids.”

Jammeh Don’t Have The Mandate of Gambians!

Commenting on Gambia’s local domestic politics, Peters said his party don’t recognizes Jammeh’s new mandate, arguing that the last polls were fraudulent, not free and fair.”Jammeh don’t have the mandate of the people to rule this country. We still don’t believe that he won the elections. That’s our position.”Peters posited. When asked why he thought that Jammeh lacked the mandate to rule, Peters said the outcome of the election tells it all. He says the polls were characterized by harassment and  intimidation of opposition supporters. Mr.Peters then disclosed that his party was challenging the legality of some of the parliamentary election results in some parts of the country. Peters said they will apply  all legal remedies to ensure that the results were over turned by the courts.

Asked about the opposition silence, Peters said they were alive and kicking. He was quick to dismiss reports that they were scared to speak out due to the unpredictable political situation. “We are not scared. Scare for what? he asked.

Peters says the country’s economic crisis was getting out of hand, as the average Gambian is living in abject poverty. The politician intimated that the Gambian economy has been performing badly in recent times. He says hopelessness and hunger continues to grip the impoverished populace.

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