Breaking News:Heavy Fighting At Gambia/Senegal Border! Scores of injured patients at Bwiam hospital..
By Landing Badjie, Our National Correspondent

Heavy Fighting At Gambia/Senegal Border
Heavy fighting is reported in the Gambia-Senegalese border. According to
hospital sources,a number of injured people are currently being treated at
Sulayman Junkung Hospital in Bwiam and the country’s main referral hospital
in Banjul.
The fighting, that displaced many civilians and caused panic in the area, is
reported to be between the forces of MFDC and the Senegalese army.
“Inhabitants of Sutusinjang and other border villages are being warned by
the rebels to stay clear from the bushes. We are living in fear and panic as
fighting continues around the border,” a Sutusinjang resident told our
national correspondent.
A contigent of Gambian soldiers were on Tuesday despatched to the area where
the fighting is taking place to cordon off the border. Rebels were reported
to have been crossing into The Gambia to forcefully return their men who
fled into the country to escape the Senegalese offensive.
In recent times, the Gambian government was suspected to be fanning the
Cassamance insurgency by providing sanctuary to the rebels.Sometime ago, the
Senegalese authorities got unhappy with the authorities in Banjul when the
former declined to hand over some men who were suspected of killing a
Senegalese gendarme. Though, it could not be verified whether the Gambian
authorities are sympathetic to the insurgents in Cassamance but what was
verified is that the former MFDC spokesperson, Alexander Gibba, was resident
in The Gambia for a long period without being ruffled.

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Posted on Friday, March 30, 2007 (Archive on Monday, April 23, 2007)
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