Has the Gambian Government issued a Diplomatic Passport to the Senegalese opposition leader Edrissa Seck? Has Eddi Secka received or turned down the said offer? Why was the Gambian Immigration in a hurry to issue Seck with a Diplomatic Passport? Who is President Jammeh trying impress here? Seck or his party? These are the questions circulating around the Presidency in Banjul today. The source we spoke to today say Edrissa Seck was issued with a Diplomatic Passport by the authorities to ease his Passport nightmares. Seck was accorded with a red carpet reception by the Gambian Government, sources revealed.

Mr.Seck was reportedly denied with passport by the Senegalese Immigration recently, which prompted his sudden visit to Banjul. The State House insider alleges that “President Jammeh thinks that the best way to counter the Gambian dissidents in Senegal was to use Edrissa Seck for intelligence gathering.” Seck’s visit was seen as a move to confuse President Wade’s administration, which is at this hour providing sanctuary to fleeing Gambian refugees, especially Ex army officers linked to alleged subversive activities against Jammeh’s government.

Edrissa Seck visited the Gambia at a time, when President Jammeh was in Iran for an official visit. It’s gathered that the Gambian leader okayed Edrissa Seck’s visit and was in constant touch with him during his visit. Mr.Seck who recently formed an opposition party called “Rewmi” meaning the country, was in trouble with the Senegalese authorities for authoring such party name. The Wade government was said to have raised concern over such a national name, which attracted a heated controversy in that French speaking country. Seck who was jailed for corruption related charges walked out of jail with political ambition. His opposition to the Wade Government, which he onetime serves as its Prime Minister is seemingly landing him into unfinished political troubles. Seck arrived in the Gambia without a passport. He travels with his National Identity Card at this hour.

Whether Seck accepted or turned down the said Diplomatic Passport offered to him by the Gambian Government, what is evident however, is that from now on President Wade would be doubting Jammeh’s neutrality in their local politics. Jammeh was accused in the recent past of harboring Casamance rebels, a charge he denied. He was accused of issuing Diplomatic Passport to  MFDC Rebel Leader Salief Sarjo, a charge he again denied. With Seck accorded with such a welcome, many believe that the Wade government was bound to be upset with its neighbors, the Gambia.

Since his arrival into the country, the Gambian Government has not issued any statement to clear the air regarding its solidarity with the embattled Senegalese politician Edrissa Seck. This paper made numerous attempts to verify the alleged issuance of Diplomatic Passport to Seck from the Immigration Department but an official of the Department said the issue was “sensitive” and as such he was not at liberty to comment on the story. The insider referred this reporter to the Department of Interior for further comments. Interior insiders confirmed that Seck was received by the Interior Minister Ousman Sonko and some government officials. “The issue of Diplomatic passport came in that meeting. Whether Seck accepted it or not, it’s unclear to me. I do know for a fact that the Gambian Government assured him that their doors were opened to him. One cannot rule out the passport issue completely. It’s a possibility. It’s only Seck or the government who can throw light on this.”said the Interior insider.

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