By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie Banjul.
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If the promise made by the current prime minister of Guinea Conakry to freeze all the assets of a prominent Guinean businessman is anything to go by, then the political crisis in the West African republic would pose some likely implications to some countries in the sub-region. According to our chief national correspondent, Gambia is also one country Lansana Kuyateh, the prime minister of Guinea, listed as countries where the prominent businessman’s assets would be frozen. The business mogul in question is Muhammed Sillah and latest reports say efforts are at an advanced stage to return some of his illegally- acquired properties across the globe to the Guinean state, including the one in Banjul.

A good friend of Yaya Jammeh and his government, Mr. Sillah is the owner of Futurelec company,well-located on Bertil Harding Highway in the Tourism Development Area. The company, inaugurated on the occasion of Gambia’s 42nd independence anniversary celebrations, is a state-of-the-art multi-storey building and now Lansana Kuyateh is determined to confiscate it and return it to the impoverished West African republic of Guinea.

Sources say Mr Sillah’s close association with Lansana Conteh has aroused suspicion that his rise to prominence was engineered by Conteh and of course not without the funds generated from the millions of Guineans, majority of whom live below the poverty line.
This latest credibility crisis must have shocked and embarrassed the Gambian leader and his administration. Before it, Gambia was accused of keeping a certain quantity of precious stones on behalf of dictator Mobutu Sese Seko.

The Gambia was also a host to a curious business magnate, Babanding Futanka Sisoho, who before his departure, ended up defrauding many corporate institutions and individuals. He’s even said to be highly-indebted to many in the country as we go press. Muhammed Sillah’s case is now the latest saga that threatens to cast another doubt on Jammeh and his administration’s credibility.

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