By A Staff Writer
Banjul,The Gambia: Authorities in Guinea Bissau have complied with an extradition order request recently made by the Gambian government to hand over dissidents suspected of planning to wage an arm resurrection against the former British colony the Gambia, well placed sources unveiled today. One of the dissidents identified as Sheriffba Jobe is a brother to the jailed Jarra West MP and former house majority leader Baba K Jobe. Sheriffba Jobe who used to be in Libya, was a personal body guard to the disgraced Liberian leader Charles Taylor, sources hinted.

Another suspect identified as one Mr.Badjie was an army officer assigned to the President’s villa in Kanilai prior to his sacking and subsequent imprisonment two years ago. Badjie was accused of embezzling funds entrusted to him by the President, which later cost him his job. Also among those handed over was one Mr.Sowe sources revealed. The men were rounded up at a Bissau Hotel after a tip-off that they were under the command of the mastermind of the country’s 1981 bloody rebellion Kukoi Samba Sanyang. Bissau intelligent officials held the men for weeks before complying with an extradition request made by its neighbor the Gambia to hand over the suspects. Prior to moving to Bissau, reports have it that the men were initially settled at a neighboring country. The Freedom Newspaper was recently emailed by a concerned Gambian who claimed that he had some important state issues to expose to the public. The source who wished to remain anonymous later asked to be contacted to spill the beans. The paper’s management spoke to the said source who confirmed the arrest of the three, but promised to furnish us with an in indept report on the whole affair. The said source is yet to get back to us as promised. As a responsible media outlet, we thought it imperative to publish what we gathered so far. While the Gambian government is refusing to announce the arrest of the three, unconfirmed reports have it that the government reportedly executed the three dissidents after they were forced to name their accomplices. The government is said to have beefed up border patrols these days. It had also dispatched its intelligent agents at a neighboring country to monitor the activities of its nationals suspected of being a security threat to the West African country. Kukoi who visited Banjul in the past with the main objective of reconciling with President Jammeh at some point waged an unsuccessful arm resurrection against the government of the day, which left some Gambian soldiers death. Civilian rebels led by the late Yaya Drammeh ambushed the Farafenni military barracks, where they succeeded in overpowering the soldiers on guard. The rebels were in control of the camp for some couples of hours. After breaking the armory, they positioned their men in key installations within the barracks. They were later repelled by an army re-enforcement team led by Peter Singhateh. A source who spoke to this paper said Kukoi’s whereabouts is unknown at this hour.He was spotted in Bissau prior to the arrest of the three. President Neno Veira recently visited Banjul, where he was received by his Gambian counterpart. He actively took part in the much talked about AU Summit, where he was honored to inaugurate some projects.

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