Breaking News:GRTS Producer Pa Modou Faal Fired due to alleged ties with the Freedom Newspaper!!
By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie.
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Modou Sanyang of GRTS is looking for a replacement for Pa Modou Faal, a sports Producer with the TV. It is in connection with Freedom newspaper arrest sometime back and Modou is trying to please Jammeh by sacking Faal.Sanyang, appointed by Jammeh and seen as Jammeh’s boy boy, is still bitter with Mr.Faal. The decision is said to be not in the best interest of Jammeh though.

Insiders at the GRTS said Producer Faal was reporting on bail prior to his sacking. Attempts by Faal to convince his employer that he had no ties with the Freedom Newspaper felt into deaf ears. Momodou Sanyang maintains that the Producer got to go since the office of the President had mounted pressure on him for Faal to be fired. Mr.Faal who is currently jobless has denied ever working for the Freedom Newspaper in a statement submitted to the NIA. He was released on bail pending the outcome of their investigations. This paper also gathered that Faal tried to engage the services of a lawyer should the Gambian state went ahead to press charges against him.

Inside the GRTS, shock and disbelief gripped local staffers. “We cannot believe that this government can go extra mile to penalize our colleague for nothing. Faal has been a good worker, very friendly and sociable. He loves what he was doing here. He is a victim of state heavy handedness. This is just outrageous and ridiculous.” said an insider at the GRTS  who wished not be named.

Momodou Sanyang who was indisposed for comments at press time was reported to have told his colleagues that the orders to sack Faal came from the office of the President and that there was little he can do stay the sacking.

Mr.Faal was among the dozens of Gambians, including former GRTS Director Tombong Saidy arrested by the Gambian state agents in May of 2006. They were accused of being an informant to the Editor of  the Freedom Newspaper Pa Nderry M’Bai. Some Government Civil Servants linked to the incident were also fired. Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital Spokesman Pa Malick Mboob and other detainees including a 14 year old boy were alleged to have been exposed to systematic torture by their captives. Mboob spent close to four months in custody without any formal charges brought against him. He was warned upon his release not to associate himself with the Freedom Newspaper. The late Tumbul Tamba and some state guards soldiers participated into the torture of these innocent so called Freedom Newspaper informants.

As we went to press, SGT Buba Jammeh and others are still being detained by the NIA in connection with the Freedom Newspaper case. The detainees were accused of compromising state secrets and breach of oath. The editors of the Freedom Newspaper have repeatedly denied that the detainees were on their payroll, but the government insists that the accused persons fed us with information to vilify and castigate the Jammeh dictatorship.

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