Governor Omar Khan Engulfs In A Sex Scandal!!…….Khan Accused Of Luring Nigerian Nurse At Basse Health Center Into Relationship

“Governor Khan Abuses His Office To Gain Sexual Favors.” says a concerned Basse Resident.

By Fatou Jallow, Banjul.

Governor Omar Khan has been accused of abuse of office. Mr.Khan is reported to be luring unmarried Civil Servants in URR Region into relationship. Ask a Nigerian Nurse at the Basse Health Centre and you will hear her story. The Foreign Nurse in order to keep her job, she had to dance to the dictates of the Governor. Khan is often seen hanging out with the said Nurse name withheld. Khan and the said Nigerian Nurse recently went on a study tour to Dakar, Senegal. The tour, we are told was organized by the Local NGO in Basse called TOSTAN.

Sexual harassment took in different forms. Some public officials entrusted with authority, used their positions to demand sexual favors from Government workers. This poor Nigerian Nurse dares say no to Governor Khan’s alleged sexual advances. She also dares lodge a complaint with the police. She knows what awaits her if she ventures into such actions.

Governor Khan is portraying himself in URR as the untouchable because of his relationship with the Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy. He using his position and influence to lure these poor women into relationship. His relationship with the Nigerian Nurse is no secret to the people of Basse.

Governor Khan should top his low life. He would be surprised to learn that some concerned Community residents have taken some photographs of him, including the Nigerian Nurse. The last thing the shameless Governor would want to see is to have these pictures serialized on the pages of the Freedom Newspaper.

Khan needs to preserve the image of his office and leave them hard-working Foreign Nurses. His actions would no doubt bring the reputation of the URR Governor’s office into disrepute. As a public official, Khan ought to know better.

His life is not secret as long as he continues to occupy that office. The 1997 Second Republic Constitution gave us license to expose his private and public life. Of course, Omar Khan going out with a Foreign Nurse is worth reporting.

Our public officials should lead by example. The days of abusing one’s office in the name of sexual favor is over. Victims of sexual harassment should come forward to tell their stories.

We can bet that President Jammeh will never sanction Omar Khan’s undesirable conduct. The information we are reporting comes from concerned parties. They want to see an end to sexual harassment at the Governor’s office. These concerned residents of Basse are also demanding an end to the Governor and his Deputy’s abuse of office.

It appears that sexual harassment is not illegal at URR Governor’s offices. His Deputy Mr.Kah has also been accused of using his position to lure Government workers into relationship. The alleging parties said they saw Kah in many places with different women.

Both Governor Khan and Kah are free to give us their own side of the story if they think that what is reported here is erroneous. What’s clear is that their integrity had been put to question. You don’t use your position to solicit sexual favors because you are a top Government official.

In some jurisdictions, if you are convicted of such crimes, it would take years before you will see day light again. Khan and his co accused in crime should better watch out.

Official misconduct is very common in The Gambia. Public officials used their positions to lure married and unmarried women into relationship.

Governor Khan’s case reminds us about Interior Minister Ousman Badjie’’s row with his wife at the Airport. Badjie who is currently serving as an Ambassador in one of the Arab countries was caught red handed by his wife in a compromising conduct with a female Member of Parliament Ramzia Diab. Badjie’s airport romance row dominated newspaper headlines.

Badjie was later divorced by his wife. Few months down the line he got fired. He was stripped off his Ministerial powers. This was the price of being unfaithful as a husband.

Governor Khan and his Deputy might be wondering as to how we managed to get such reports, but to prove your curiosity Ida Faye Head of the Women’s Bureau is aware of what’s going on. Don’t make the mistake and accused her of being our informant. All what we can tell you is that Madam Faye is privy to your unprofessional acts.

What is worrying is that some school girls are also named in this sex scandal. The Gambian authorities should send fact finding team in Basse to investigate the Governor and his Deputy. These allegations should not brush out light that.

Governor Khan and his Deputy would be doing a great justice to themselves if they clear their names from such allegations. Gambians want to hear your own side of the story.







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