Breaking News:Gambia:Two Killed in Minister Touray’s Car Crash!! Dead Toll rises!
By Our Banjul Bureau Chief Landing Bandjie.
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The death toll in the car crash involving a Gambian cabinet minister Yankuba Touray has now risen to two, this paper can authoritatively reveal. The death of Lamin Saidy at the Gambia’s main referral hospital in Banjul was announced yesterday when he succumbed to the fatal injuries he sustained in an accident in which a cabinet minister escaped unharmed.
Minister Yankuba Touray’s convoy was involved in a fatal road crash that instantly claimed the live of a youth from the Serekunda suburb of Bakoteh.

The minister’s cavalcade got involved in the accident when he was returning from attending a local religious gathering in his village some 45km north of the Gambian capital, Banjul. The cause of the accident, which occurred mid last month around the Kerewan Bridge, was traced to a burst tire.

Shortly after the road crash, victims were rushed to the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul and Lamin Saidy, a middle-aged man and a photographer until his death on Saturday, could not continue to respond to the treatments. He was laid to rest in Busumbala village few kilometers outside the regional capital, Brikama.

Road accident is one of the highest killers in The Gambia. According to the Gambian police, the rate of road accidents recorded in last year alone surpassed any other before it. The police blamed this unprecedented rise in the number of road accidents to drink driving and negligence. But observers say the deplorable and neglected state of our roads make them very conducive for fatal accidents. Others blamed the rise in road accidents to corrupt officials who indiscriminately issue driving licenses without giving two hoots to the highway regulations. Be, as it may, the rate of road accident is on the increase in The Gambia.

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