Gambia’s Speaker of Parliament Implicated in Governor Kalu’s Graft Sacandal!!
…Kalu built three storey building worth of D6Million for Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay

Governor Kalu also  owns “International Trust Insurance Company (ITIC) Gambia- State House sources hinted!

….”This was the phone number I used to call Capt.Bunja Darboe at the Observer: 4496879” said a  well placed source!!

As Nigeria probes the stolen assets of the disgraced South -East Abia State Governor Orji Uzor Kalu, latest reports emerging from the Gambian Presidency in Banjul, linked the country’s Speaker of Parliament Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay to the graft, which is a subject of investigations by the Nigerian Financial and Crimes Commission. Speaker FJC has been a sole beneficiary of Governor Kalu’s shady financial activities in The Gambia. The disgraced Governor has sponsored the construction of D6Million Dalasis- three storey building for the Gambian Speaker. “Governor Kalu sponsored  the construction of multi storey building for FJC situated at Kanifing layout. The three storey building was entirely financed by the Governor. Fatou’s close ties with the Governor is not new to us here at the State House. This is a woman calling herself to be married and yet she owes an obligation to the indicted Governor. During Kalu’s visit in Banjul, Fatou was seen with Kalu at the Kairaba Beach Hotel. This was before the last elections. She spent most of her time at the hotel, pretending to be on an official transaction.” said our source at the office of the President in Banjul.

Governor Kalu was often seen with Speaker FJC during his past visits to Banjul. Reports have it that it was FJC who introduced Kalu to the President Yahya Jammeh. Fatou came into contact with the Governor while serving as a member of ECOWAS Parliament. Eachtime, she visits Nigeria, the Governor would fly to Abjua to meet Speaker Ceesay, sources revealed. “FJC was a member of the ECOWAS Parliament for five years. During her visit to Nigeria she got close contact with  Governor Kalu. Fatou during a visit to her house, she told me that she was a close  buddy of the Governor. Thanks to Fatou, I saw their secret photographs they took during her past visits to  Nigeria. Fatou also told me that the Governor was sponsoring her Family Rights Advancement and Protection Organization. It was Fatou who introduced Kalu to the government. This to some extent facilitated her come back. Kalu had spent millions of dollars to finance Fatou’s FRAP ghost organization. She is using the said Organization to enrich herself.” Our source added.

These revelations followed investigations mounted by the Freedom Newspaper on the financial activities of Governor Kalu in the Gambia. A well placed source close to the office of the President has volunteered shocking and revealing information about the Governor’s secret relationship with the Speaker. The source exposed tales of well coordinated graft, underhand deals, fraud to deceive the Nigerian investigators about Kalu’s properties in the Gambia, the Speaker’s multi-million dalasis storey building financed by the embattled Governor.

Earlier last week, our lead News Researcher Justice Sam reported about Governor Kalu’s properties in The Gambia including a an Insurance Firm, which according Sam was yet to come to the knowledge to the Nigerian anti graft Commission. Our well trusted source in a dispatch to the Freedom Newspaper confirmed that Governor Kalu indeed owns an Insurance Firm in The Gambia. The source explained how Governor Kalu twisted the arms of Gambia’s  state law office  staffers to effect the change of name in relation to the said Insurance Firm belonging  to him. “International Trust Insurance Company ITIC is owned by Governor Kalu. When his corruption issue came to light he quickly changed the name at the AG Chambers. It is now known as the International Insurance company (IIC)  with the intention to fake prospective investigators. Their head quarters is at Duwaijabai building in Banjul. They have a new branch at the new Elton branch opposite  Sunikerr-Serrekunda Bratess. Here you see the connections between Eddi Jobe and Kalu. Kalu owns IIC Insurance Firm in the Gambia, Slok air, the Tanji Hotel, an aircfraft he named fater President Yahya Jammeh and other Estates in this country.” Our source hinted.

According to the state house insider, Kalu’s plane which was named after Yahya Jammeh had its office at Kairaba Avenue. President Jammeh who brags as Pan Africanist capitalized on Kalu’s political patronage to fulfill his political objectives. The said plane was banned in Nigeria by the then Obsanjo Government.Following his strained relationship with the authorities in Nigeria, Kalu targeted the Gambia, a nation isolated by serious investors. Concerns of flight safety were raised by some Aviation staff, but the government still went ahead to give him license to operate in the impoverished West African country.

Governor Kalu’s riches have been  a major concern to the average Gambian. A sitting Governor of a poor nation like Nigeria, investing such millions of dollars in a country like The Gambia, raises eyebrows in the eyes of many sound minds here. Our source who had access to the Gambian Speaker once raised  the issue with FJC and this was what she had to say.” In Nigeria, most of these Governors got their wealth through money laundering and corruption.” She also cited the Gambia, as a classical example,  where Lebanese would start with small scale businesses and got rich over night. “She said kalu’s riches was not ordinary and therefore she would take her share. Whenever, Fatou attends ECOWAS Parliament Kalu would fly to Abuja under the pretext of so called official meeting.” Our source said.

According to our source “Most of these Lebanese Fatou lamented about usually sponsored ruling government activities. There participation in national development cannot be ignored. But opportunists like FJC are also interested about lining up their pockets. As I told her the  other day when I’m  come back online President Jammeh would finally let her go. I’m not a stranger to  Fatou. I have access to her house and private computer at home. Fatou on numerous occasions had welcomed me into her bed room, where I used  her computer to send my dispatches to the Freedom Newspaper. The said computer is on the right hand side of Fatou’s bed room. Fatou would undress in my presence with the sole objective of luring me into relationship, but as a well groomed Muslim and God fearing person, I decided not be swayed into such misleading direction. I have  high regards for Sulayman Sanneh Ceesay and as such I  I always treated her as a colleague. She might be wondering as to who this source is, let FJC not make the mistake to dispute some of  my revelations. I have material evidence to corroborate whatever I reported here including her recorded voice.”

Our source said Speaker Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay used to welcome him at his Kanifing house, where he was introduced to Fatou’s computer technician. The said Technician is a Taiwanese. ” Her own computer technician is a Taiwanese. As my office is at the state house, I spent the weekend with Fatou at Kanifing. I witnessed instances where Koto Manssaneh Ceesay would reprimand her for being too economical with the truth on issues regarding the  APRC. At one occasion,  his own son in the US,  telephoned her crying on the phone asking Fatou to please stay away from APRC politics. This young man meant well for this shameless lady, but Fatou would always say to him “Don’t worry. These boys are unpatriotic. They are jealous of my progress.”

When Fatou was thrown out of her state house DPP job, our source continued “she thought that the President was trying to distance himself from her by sending her to Parliament. She complained to me that the President seized her car key and she was without a car. During the period in question, she uses her husband’s car to run private errands. Being the shameless person she is,  she crawled under Jammeh’s feet begging him to buy a new car for her. The car was supposed to be purchased at TK motors for the amount D500,0000 half a million dalasis.  Jammeh told her that he was not in the position to buy her a car and gave her D300,000. The President was very honest with Fatou who in turn insulted Jammeh’s mother during one of our encounters”

Fatou said the source “went to TK Motors to buy the Car on credit, under the arraignment that she was going to pay the remaining D200,000 by installment. The car is a green one and is an X-trail model tainted glass. I personally drove the said car to receive the Governor at the airport with Fatou. I also drove the car to the  New Look Saloon at Kairaba Avenue, just opposite the World Bank office where Fatou braid her hair. The said Saloon is not meant for the poor. Fatou trusted me a lot and as such she confided her problems to me in private. I’m not trying to get Fatou arrested, but it’s important for President Jammeh to know that everything that glitters is gold. Fatou has said so many bad things against President Jammeh. I  will reveal some of these details later on.”

In 2006, continued the source “before the Freedom Newspaper hacking, I read in this paper where you reported about her car scandal. I think this piece was written by Bulfaaleh. FJC has always been speculative about the source of the story. She mentioned so many names linking them to the story. When the Freedom Newspaper was hacked, the Daily Observer later published the names of subscribers. As soon as Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay, saw Tombong Saidy’s name on the list of subscribers, she personally contacted the NIA to arrest Saidy. That was why Tombong was forcefully arrested. Fatou said that Tombong was the one writing about her car deal and private life.  I’m very close to Fatou. Tombong Saidy, if you reading me at this hour, the NIA still believe that you were Bulfaaleh, as  Fatou  lied to them that you were the  one using that bi-line. Fatou was rejoicing when she saw your name in the Observer. Now that is history,  as Bulfaaleh’s identity still remains mystery to them.”

According to this dependable source “As soon as Fatou started to establishing ties with Kalu the disgraced governor, she started sidelining Jammeh. She once insulted Jammeh’s mother in my presence for only giving her D300,000 when Governor Kalu was dishing her with millions of dalasis. She said she was not fairly treated by Jammeh as her political input was far incomparable with other APRC supporters such as Information Minister Gaye.  Fatou has long suspected the possibility of Jammeh discarding her one day. That was why she launched her so called FRAP organization with Sheriff Bojang and others incase she was sacked. Fatou is using the organization to enrich herself. Governor Kalu has extended millions of dalasis financial help to this ghost organization which is doing nothing to help the girl child.”

Our source said FJC also explained to him about Jammeh’s relationship with SOS Gaye. “Thanks to FJC, I was able to know President Jammeh’s play boy life style. Fatou did told me that there was a love relationship between Information Secretary of State Neneh Macduall Gaye and Yahya Jammeh.” She is just jealous of me. She is not competent of that Ministerial post. Everybody knows how she got it because she is nothing but a girl friend.” These were the  words of FJC when we were driving to New Look Saloon. She was crying when she was narrating her ordeal to me. She accused SOS Gaye of stopping her stories  being published at the Observer due to jealousy. I was very emotional when I saw FJC crying for the firs time. I had to stop the car and packed near the YMCA building on MDI road until she calm down.”

For the records, continued our source ” it is important to observe that Fatou has been very helpful  to me in terms of  happenings at the State House. She never knew that I was an undercover agent interested to document Jammeh’s private life. This information I’m publishing is part of a book to be published pretty soon.  FJC is not a true APRC supporter. She joins the APRC out of desperation and her own selfish interest. She even wanted to use me to broker peace between her and Mariam Denton in a bid to end the D10million libel suit slammed against her.  As a  government worker,  I refused to entertain her request because if the information reaches the President I might be in trouble. She personally insulted the President’s mother again.” I got  into this trouble because of the President in my efforts to defend him and now he seems not to be interested about my plight. He does not entertain discussions about the libel suit against me. I don’t know where I will get the D10 million dalasi to pay if the court rules in the plaintiff’s favor. This Jolla is a mother  FB….….” she said.

Our source said he decided to refine the content of Fatou’s language due to the respect he had for the President’s parents. “For the sake of decency, I don’t want to quote the raw content of her language against Jammeh. I have been quite for a while, but I deem it necessary to expose FJC since she not behaving. Jammeh’s down fall will come as a surprise to him according to FJC. The March coup never came as a surprise to us. She was very close to Daba Marena and Bajinka including their wives and families. I’m not instantiating by any means that Daba and Bajinka were involved in the said coup, but thanks to Fatou  I was able to know the night the coup was supposed  to take place. While in my office, she called me saying that the coup had failed and Ndure Cham was a bastard. She was very mad with Ndure when things  failed. At the time rumors were rife in town that Fatou and Yankuba Touray were going to be arrested. Fatou reveals a lot during my encounters with her.”

Our source in this disturbing dispatched said he used the Daily Observer phone to call Captain Bunja Darboe on his Gamcell phone. “Matter of fact, I had to  stop by at the Observer to call Captain Bunja Darboe on that night  to find out whether it was true that there was indeed in a coup. This was the phone number I used to call Bunja at the Observer: 4496879 . The said phone is situated at Saja Taal’s office, who is a close friend of mine. Little did I know Bunja himself was being pursed by the state. At the time of my call, I got hold of his wife,  who was in a nervous tone. “Bunja was  gone out and left the phone at home.” She told me.

Our source remarked “I  do not know Fatou’s direct involvement in said coup, but prior to  the events of the coup, she used brag that she was going to be Gambia’s first female President after Yahya Jammeh.  I don’t know what was Fatou’s  passion at the time to make her  believe that she would be a President of The Gambia. I also do not know what make her to believe that Jammeh was leaving.  During the period in question, Fatou had given up her much dreamt  Ministerial job of Women and Children’s affairs, which never existed in the first place. She wanted the President to create such a Ministry. I don’t know whether she officially approached Jammeh on this, but she confided with me  in private about the need to have such a Ministry. She was very interested about becoming a Minister at the time.

To my chagrin, the source went on “few the days before the coup my good friend started talking about her becoming Gambia’s President. She even promised to appoint me as Attorney General to handle piles of case files currently pending.”

Coming back to the March coup, our source added “after leaving Saja Taal’s office, I met  with Captain Bunja Darboe around the GRTS vicinity on Kairaba Avenue. News later reached me that he was arrested. At first,  I  thought that I was going to be arrested for having blindly used Saja Taal’s phone to call him. I called him because my job relates to security issues.  I don’t want to go too far before they will come for me. If they check his phone records at GAMCEL they will see the said number. Saja cannot turn down my request because I’m ahead of him. At the time, the state house had already  been vacated according to Saja and people were running helter-skelter.”

Our source says “The following day the first lady  Zeinab Suma Jammeh was supposed to open a UNICEF forum at the Atlantic Hotel in Banjul, but out of fear Jammeh advised her not to go. The program was postponed.  FJC should  reduce the talking because we have her on tape. More will follow on FJC allegations against SOS Gaye’s overseas sexual relationship with Jammeh. I will expose how FJC facilitated the sacking  of Speaker Sheriff Mustapha Dibba with the help of  Major Musa Jammeh.”

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