Breaking News:Gambia’s President Jammeh says “UNAIDS/WHO can go to hell fire!!

Jammeh says the UNAIDS/WHO     UN Secretary General
can go to hell fire!!                        under fire!!!
UNAIDS/WHO can go to hell fire-Says President Jammeh

… As he accuses the two of undermining his aids cure project!

By Our Deputy Banjul Bureau Chief Malafy  Jarju.
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Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh says UNAIDS/World Health Organization (WHO) officials, within and outside the impoverished West African country,” undermining his aids cure” project can as well “go to hell fire.” Addressing cabinet Ministers, Security Chiefs  and other senior Government functionaries, the controversial former military ruler wages an anti UNAIDS/WHO  bashing, accusing the global AIDS organizations  of “hell bent on frustrating his recent HIV/AIDS cure breakthrough” in the Gambia. The Gambian leader informed his audience that thanks to his intervention,  he had now found cure for the world deadliest disease HIV/AIDS. Mr.Jammeh further charges that these two organizations had proven to be “puppets” to the Western world and had always been dancing to its tune.

According to President Jammeh, since his aids cure discovery, the UNAIDS/WHO had been contacting Laboratories all over the world, urging them not to allow his patient’s blood samples be tested in their labs. This, according to Jammeh, was calculated to “bring his aids cure project down” since in his words “the named Organizations could not find cure for the dreadful disease.“ Mr.Jammeh claimed that  the said organizations resorted to “blackmailing him” by branding him as “crazy.”  “All what I know is that,  I am not crazy. The Western doctors are crazier than me and in terms of riches, they are richer than me. These so called Western doctors are greedy and are hell bent on exploiting Africa. My aids cure would render them poor, because they will have no money for aids research.“ Jammeh claimed.

Jammeh added“You will be surprised to know that the WHO and UNAIDS are giving endless problems to laboratories that tested the blood samples of our patients. Now, they want to know where next we are to test our blood samples so that they can go and talk to that country so as not to accept blood samples from us. The result of my treatment cannot be scientifically disputed. I could have discharged the first batch a long time ago, but the Western world said anybody who is on ARV and stop taking it will die within three months. Before the patients started taking my treatment, I told them to stop taking ARV. That is why I decided to keep them for 6 months, not just three months to tell them that they are lying. I have been vindicated, but my treatment is not a guarantee against a re-infection.”

The Gambian leader maintains that he would continue to cure the country’s HIV patients, as long as he is alive and kicking. He says the UNAIDS and the WHO can “go to hell”  if they don’t want to see his aids cure breakthrough. Mr.Jammeh says nothing can stop him from going ahead with what he calls “ the well intended aids cure project I have for the Gambian people. The UNAIDS and WHO can go to hell, if they don’t want what I’m doing. These two organizations contributed to the spread of aids in Africa. They are hypocrites, being remote controlled by the so called West. They have no solution to aids and I have  cure for it. They don’t like what I have discovered,  but God willing my aids treatment is here to stay.“ Jammeh fumed.

A former wrestler,  Jammeh told his cabinet that his aids cure discovery cannot be scientifically disputed. He urges  the UNAIDS and the WHO,  who he accuses of being “saboteurs” to  his aids cure discovery to relax for now. “‘Those people who called themselves Western doctors are stupid, but they will never stop me from curing HIV/AIDS. These people are sabotaging my efforts due to the fact that they cannot cure AIDS, despite many years of trying to find cure for the disease. It takes me only three days to find cure for aids.“ The Gambian leader bragged.

He warns the UNAIDS and WHO to “stop sabotaging his  aids cure” or else in his own words “something unexpected would happened soon.” Jammeh says he had no time to listen to “Western stooges” and that no amount of  “sabotage”  can derail his aids cure “success story.”

While discharging  his new batch of “treated HIV patients” Jammeh said  the two organizations had been doing disservice to Africa,  when it comes to HIV cure. He says the UNAIDS and WHO had proven to be “incompetent”  to tackle the aids crisis, which he admitted had been  ravaging the African continent over the years. He says instead of giving chance to his aids cure discovery, the two organizations had been undermining his efforts to help “end the nightmares” of suffering aids patients in the Gambia. Jammeh says the UNAIDS and WHO should shut their mouth or go to hell. He says he would not listen to their “ill conceived advise ”to give up his aids cure project, which he observed was “geared towards undermining his aids cure breakthrough.”

Across the country, shock and disbelief gripped the population. Many people interviewed in the streets of Banjul, say they are now convinced that the Gambian leader “ is insane.” They expressed outraged about the implications of Mr.Jammeh’s  statement, which they say might compel the two organizations to consider “sanctioning all aids projects” in the Gambia.

“Judging from his speech, it appears that the current government don’t  have political will to tackle aids. Jammeh’s insults against the UNAIDS and WHO would have adverse effects against this country. It’s not in the interest of this government to see the UNAIDS and WHO suspending projects in the Gambia. The UNAIDS and WHO spend millions of dollars to raise community awareness about HIV/AIDS. If Jammeh is calling them “liars and stooges to the Western world” then we have a big problem. I mean serious problem. It’s regrettable so to speak.” said an aids activist.

Head of the UNAIDS in the Gambia, was kicked out of the country for daring to challenge Jammeh’s aids cure claims. She was given 24 hours to leave the former British colony or risked being deported. The Gambian Government in a statement accuses the UN envoy of  “unprofessional conduct” and smearing the image of the Gambia. The Government says the UN official’s statement on Jammeh’s aids cure discovery was “malicious” and misguided. The UN Chief’s comments that Jammeh’s aids cure claims was likely to promote “risky sexual behavior” in The Gambia, prompted her immediate expulsion from the country.

For his part Gambia’s Health Minister Dr.Tamsir Mbowe remarked”We will take on the international scientific community to vindicate President Jammeh’s claim.” Mbowe says the Gambian President had cure for aids and no scientific test can dispute his aids cure.

Local UNAIDS and WHO officials are yet to react to Jammeh’s allegations. Making a public statement, might gave chance to the government to declare them “person non grata” as it did to their colleague. The Gambian leader says he would not tolerate any of these NGOS to interfere with his aids cure project.

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