Gambia’s controversial dictator President Yahya Jammeh has accuses certain unnamed Western countries of destabilizing “governments in Africa” by sponsoring what he calls criminals to create instability on the sub-region. Mr.Jammeh who was addressing newly sworn Ministers further charged that don’t have the moral authority to preach democracy to African when in his own words”They sponsor criminals to destroy developing countries that have mineral resources to ensure instability and yet they talk about democracy” The Gambian leader says the west don’t have have the interest of the Gambia.

“No matter what outsiders tell us, they have no interest in the development of our country. They lecture us about democracy and human rights and yet they exploited us. After robbing us of what they used to develop their nations, they now castigate us for our poverty and backwardness. It is a fact that we have a lot of problems but 98 percent of these problems are not our creation but the legacy of colonialism. The West found us living peacefully and they decided to bring division amongst us, not even considering the tribal, ethnic and cultural entities that existed amongst us”,said Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh.

The state house website quoted the Gambian leader as saying that the “west preach human rights and good governance and yet they would not allow sons and daughters of Africa to travel to their countries freely, despite the fact that they were illegal immigrants and robbers on our continent, for 400 years, robbing us of our riches, identity, culture and even the languages. He then noted that it was high time for Africans to wake up to the challenge and to realise the reality on the ground and work towards developing our countries, stay in it and be respected because as Africans we have nowhere to go. He further opined that Africans have a choice to choose between being freeborns, sincere and patriotic citizens, who will toil for the national interest or whether to become slaves and serve foreign interests. He added that those who choose the latter end up paying the pay the prize.” Anti West bashing dominated the swearing in ceremony which was coordinated by the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service. President Jammeh uses the occasion to accuse the West of destabilizing countries in the African sub-region. “Let us develop our country, live in it and be respected and not to serve foreign interests and live in poverty. Africa is the richest continent in terms of mineral resources and yet we are backward. They do not have the right to tell us how we should live, after they have robbed us of our riches and would not allow us to go to their countries, even on vacations. They came here when nobody asked them their names and it is now much more difficult for an African to travel abroad than even face the toughest race. Perhaps what they should do is to compensate Africa and liberalise the world trade system so that Africa can have a right to what they produce. Any developing country that is independent, they put under scrutiny. My government will work to maintain law and order in the interest of Gambians regardless of what the west say. They sponsor criminals to destroy developing countries that have mineral resources to ensure instability and yet they talk about democracy”.” Jammeh alleges. The President additionally stressed that “The Gambia will be governed in the interest of Gambians, based on our culture, dreams and collective aspirations in order to gain the respect that her people deserve. He stated that if we all endeavour to do our best for the nation, Allah will protect and guide us, but that if we want to betray our beloved nation in furtherance of foreign interests, we will become the laughing stock of the west and we will ultimately lose.” President Jammeh stated that if the west where really genuine and interested in the development of Africa, they would not have been bothered about Africans going to their countries. President Jammeh also vows to fire Ministers found wanting in their duties. He says the national interest overrides private interest and therefore urges them to work as a team to meet their desired objectives.

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