By A Staff WriterBanjul, The Gambia:Another official of Gambia’s National Water and Electricity Company NAWEC has been fired. Financial Director Baba Jarjusy is one of the first causalities of the new management that had taken over the nation’s energy sector. The Global Management System handed him with a terse letter announcing his immediate firing. Mr.Jarjusey was fired this past Monday, well placed NAWEC insiders told the Freedom Newspaper. Jarjusey has been working at NAWEC for a while now. His dismissal sent a shocking wave among NAWEC staffers.

As usual, no reason was advanced for Jarjusey’s removal. A NAWEC board member told our reporter that the President wants to clean up NAWEC and as such people like Jarjusey were considered as a threat to Jammeh’s new business venture. It is gathered that the President was the new owner of the Global Management System, a company that was recently empowered to run the affairs of NAWEC.

Mr.Muhammed Bazzi, a Lebanese origin has been named as the Chief Executive officer of the Global Management System. NAWEC insiders accused Mr.Bazzi of trying to hire his own people to milk the nation’s only power house. “Since he came here, he has been talking about the need to restructure the Finance Department. He was not comfortable with Jarjusey. He kept on telling us “the President said this and that.” Our monthly collections are now going into a private bank account. Many old guards are likely to be fired. The man is brought here to run Jammeh’s show. He told us that he reports directly to the President. “said a NAWEC board member who spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to the board member Mr.Bazzi was also contemplating effecting some changes in NAWEC’S board.”It’s very sad that our country is being run by foreigners. Bazzi and his team treat us with contempt. In some instances, they try to abuse female workers. NAWEC is doomed for good. The generators they brought are not good. They are third hand generators. We look forward to seeing the other batch of generators they talked about. The President is part of this scheme to rip off the nation once again. We are waiting for the day when Bazzi will send us home.”said the board member.

Baba Jarjusey worked with the then NAWEC Managing Director Batchi Baldeh. NAWEC insiders say the new NAWEC management were opposed to Jarjusey’s strict accounting procedures.”These people want to take money without been questioned. Cash is being released these days without any proper documentation. All monies collected are wired to a foreign bank account. Bazzi supervised the cash transfers. If the current trend continues, NAWEC will run into bankruptcy soon.”said the board member.

NAWEC’S Commercial Director Momodou Jallow known as Garankeh has blamed in some quarters for being used by Bazzi to identify potential threats at that failed company.” Grankeh is only interested to secure his job. The man allowed to be used against his own people. He spent most his time in Bazzi’s office. Garakeh snicks. He is helping Bazzi and his team to weed out potential threats. Jarjusey was fired because he hate to see NAWEC’S money being swindled into foreign bank accounts without justification. It’s too early for Bazzi to show his true colors. The man’s mission is to milk NAWEC. Period.”said a local staff.

Mr.Jarjusy’s replacement has not been named yet. Attempts to solicit reaction from Mr.Bazzi proved abortive.

In another development, some Gambian immigrants deported from Spain went on rampage upon landing at the Banjul international airport. About 140 deportees could be seen protesting at the airport which led to the damage of property aviation sources said. Another batch of deportees were expected this weekend. The Spanish government has been cracking down African immigrants in recent times. Senegal also received some of its nationals who were earlier deported this week. Most of the deportees crossed to Spain through Morocco on boat. Reports say some of the immigrants usually died in sea. Unemployment forces most of these youth travellers to settle overseas, observers said. Aviation sources said some part of the airport was partly damaged by the protesting deportees.

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