Hardly a week passes without one public official arrested in the Gambia. This time it’s Lamin Sanneh’s turn. Mr.Sanneh was the erstwhile permanent Secretary at the Department of State for Work. He was arrested shortly after he returns from a trip to Dakar, Senegal, sources hinted. Mr.Sanneh who was on a private visit was immediately whisked away by the feared National Intelligence Agency, the NIA. Attempts by his family to access him was greeted with a strong resistance by the arresting officers. They refused to entertain questions regarding Sanneh’s whereabouts and why he was arrested in the first place, sources told this paper.

Mr.Sanneh a former manager with GAMWORKS, was moved to the Department of  State For Works, following a Presidential directive. He was the permanent secretary of the said Department of State up to the time of his arrest and subsequent sacking.

Sources close to his family said the detained former public official was granted travel pass by the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service prior to his Dakar visit. Sources say the SG okayed Sanneh’s trip, but the NIA insisted in arresting Sanneh. It’s not clear at this hour why  Mr.Sanneh was being held by the NIA. What’s evident though is that the President at a recent meeting with Sanneh and other Works staffers threatened to deal with officials found wanting in their job. At that meeting held at the State House, Lamin Sanneh, assured the Head of State that they were going to live up to expectations. Few weeks after that meeting  Sanneh was arrested and thrown into jail.

Up to the time of going to press, Mr.Sanneh was in the hands of the NIA. Meanwhile, the detained former APRC nominated MP Ramzia Diab has been released after been warned by the authorities not to reveal her ordeal while in jail, state house sources hinted. Ms.Diab was alleged to have been abused physically and mentally by her captives. She reportedly sustained marks of torture on her body. Even though she has been released said my source, the state is still mounting close surveillance on her.

Ramzia Diab problems with the government started when she openly sympathized with the jailed Jarra MP and former Majority leader Baba K Job, who was imprisoned for tax evasion and economic crime charges.

State House sources said they feared for Ramzia’s personal safety at this hour, as the President is very upset with her.” According to the said sources the President’s anger was centered on reports he received associating Ramzia with Lie Conteh, Buba Baldeh, Momodou Senghore and others who were said to be on the verge of forming their own political party to oppose the incumbent. This according to our sources angered Jammeh who  vowed to deal with all those named in the said report which was leaked by the NIA. Even though the constitution empowered  Diab and others to launch their own political party continued  sources, the President could not withstand his own former Di heart supporters opposing him.

Ms.Diab, a former air hostress survived a plane crash in the early 90’S, which left many passengers dead. It’s reported that the woman was tortured and traumatized while in custody. She has been threatened with death in the event she discusses her experience with her family or loved ones, said well placed sources. Like Ramzia Diab, other detainees also suffered from the hands of their captives. Human Rights lawyer Mariam Jack Denton was also held for months without trial. She was also never charged with any crime.

Ramzia Diab also had her passport seized by the state. The move was calculated to deny her from travelling overseas, state house sources hinted. Ms.Diab needs medical attention at this hour, in view of the torture she suffered a state house insider intimated. Lie Conteh and other coup suspects recently granted bail also had their passports seized. They are still reporting on bail on bi weekly basis. The government is yet to charge them with any crime.

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