Breaking News:Gambia’s Minister Yankuba Touray Ask Freedom’s Reporter To Reveal Source On Wife Deportation from US!
By Our Own Correspondent

A Freedom Newspaper Correspondent contacted Minister Yankuba Touray for his side of the story on the deportation of his wife from the US, but Touray insist to know the paper’s source of information. Touray who was not in the mood to talk about the subject matter asked”Where do you get the story from? Who told you that my wife was deported.” Mr.Touray who was reached on his cellular phone confirms that his wife was in the Gambia, but refused to offer more comments on the deportation story.

A family member told the Freedom Newspaper that in view of the damning US decision to send Mami packing, Touray was not at liberty to elaborate on his wife’s deportation while citing family values. That Touray was bound to undermine his matrimonial life if he ever discusses the deportation of his wife.

Yankuba Touray’s cellular phone later went dead due to poor connection. He  was still adamant to know the Freedom Newspaper source. But our reporter pointed out to him that the story was accurate, reliable and undisputable. The Freedom Newspaper correspondent did also pointed out to Touray that he was merely contacted to give his side of the story in interest of fair and objective reporting.

Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, February 28, 2007)
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