Gambian Soldier Feared Dead Sidat M Faal  Resurfaces in Morocco!!……

November 11 Alleged Coupist Corporal Sidat M Faal Is A friend To Ambassador Mawdow Touray- Reveals A well placed Source!!Corporal Sidat M Faal, a former Member of The Gambia National Army who was feared dead in the November 11 Abortive coup is alive and kicking, according to competent sources reaching the Freedom Newspaper. Faal who migrated to Morocco has been seen in and out of the Gambian Mission in Morocco in the past. Faal whose regimental number was 62 while in the army is said to be a close friend of Ambassador Mawdow Touray and Embassy staffers, according to the source who reached us today. Corporal Faal who is fluent in Arabic also received financial help from Ambassador Touray, the Consular and other Embassy staffers, alleges a source close to the Gambian Mission in Morocco.

Sidat M Faal arrived in Morocco about five years ago with the sole aim of migrating to the Canary Island. He left his wife behind in The Gambia, following the mass arrest of soldiers and officers of the Gambian National Army implicated into the Captain Basiru Barrow’s alleged coup against the junta. Many soldiers were killed in that coup, which seen the wave of arrest of officers implicated into incident. Faal survived despite all odds. He is now in Morocco.

Faal transited through other West African countries before making his way into Morocco, where the wife of The Gambian leader hailed from. Thanks to sources close to The Gambian Mission in Morocco, his presence in that Arab speaking country came to light.

“Ambassador Touray and his staff had been receiving Sidat Faal in his office and residence in the past. Touray is a good friend of Sidat Faal. Sidat is not death. He is alive. He has access to the Embassy in Morocco.” said our source.

The Freedom Newspaper has been furnished with the contact phone number of Sidat Faal by a highly placed source. Our source said he had no cause to lie against Ambassador Touray. He said Faal is a man of high sense of humor and is often seen as an entertainer to the Ambassador and his staff. Our source said even though Faal is in the bad books of President Jammeh, he Faal had good rapport with Touray and other local Embassy Staffers.


Mr. Faal is heavily built and dark in complexion. He parents originate from Mauritania. He is currently unemployed and survived from remittances he received from benevolent friends and family members.

Ambassador Touray could not be reached for immediate comment.

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