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Breaking News:Protocol Officer Puye Jobarteh Arrested-His House Computer Also seized!
Breaking News:Protocol Officer Puye Jobarteh Arrested-His House Computer Also seized!Worry and anxiety continues to grip the state house protocol office team, as the state is reported to have been trying to establish the people talking to the Freedom Newspaper. Few days ago our own Justice Sam quoted well placed sources at the state house regarding the recent cabinet reshuffle which led to the removal of the VP Njie Saidy at the first round but later reinstated. Baboucarr Jobarteh head of the Vice President protocol team was arrested on Friday after he had his house computer and other documents seized by agents of the National Intelligence Agency, the Freedom Newspaper has been reliably informed. Jobarteh who escorted Vice President Isatou Njie Saidy to her residence late Friday afternoon, was accosted on his way to his Brusibi house by agents of the NIA. Source hinted that Jobarteh’s personal computer and other documents were seized upon arrival at his house and later escorted to an undisclosed location by his captives.

Puye Jobarteh, one of the longest serving protocol officers at the President’s office was attached to the President two months ago before he was moved to the VP’S office. Mr.Jobarteh is reported to be in the hands of the NIA at this hour. While no exact reason has been advanced for his arrest, leaks from the state house say the President suspects that their were people around him compromising so called state secrets. It is also gathered that the government is trying to track down Bufaaleh a columnist for this leading paper who exposes classified state secrets online. Bufaaleh’s latest posting centered on Maba Jobe’s removal among others.

Jobarteh’s loved ones and close family members made repeated phone calls to the NIA and other senior government functionaries to establish the whereabouts of Puye but non of those contacted were ready to shed light on the story at this hour.

Sources hinted that Puye’s private correspondences were also seized by the arresting officers. Insiders at the state house say the government is these days closely monitoring emails sent within and outside the country. Puye’s wife and two kids are said to be currently residing in the United States. Sources close to his family say the former protocol officer has not done anything that might warrant his arrest and subsequent detention.

Attempts to reach Mr.Jobarteh on his private cell phone by our reporter proved futile as his line was unreachable. Jobarteh has been behind bars since on Friday, this paper was told. Originally from the Central River Division, Puye Jobarteh quickly rose through the ranks while serving the VP over the years as protocol officer. Protocol officers such as Juma Janneh and others passed through his hand for training. A charming young man Puye was said to be very close to the Vice President. Many suspect that his arrest might further divide the state house as he used to handle top state errands. The Vice President is yet to react to the arrest of her protocol officer.

Meanwhile, sources close to the Presidency say Baboucarr Jobarteh has been fired with immediate effect. The said sources claimed to have seen Jobarteh’s sacking letter, which the government intends to make public by Monday. The Gambian government off late had been cracking down on people it suspects of passing information to the US based Freedom Newspaper.The President who was said to have collapsed recently following an ailing health condition will soon be sworn in as the country’s newly elected President.

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