Gambian President Yahya Jammeh Is Reported To Be Suffering From Diabetics!!!Constant Loss of Weight, Concerns Family Members

President Jammeh Might Have Inherited Diabetics From His Mother

By Malick Ceesay, Banjul.

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh is reported to be suffering from constant loss of weight, prompting speculations that the Gambian leader might be a diabetics patient, like his Mum who is confirmed to be diabetic patients, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Well placed sources at the office of the President in Banjul, say the Gambian leader has refused to submit to blood test to ascertain his ailing health condition, even though he is accessible in the public view. The President’s refusal to have his blood tested is worrying some family members at this hour.

Sources said Jammeh’s loss of weight has been a subject of discussion and concern among his family and close aides. These sources who wised to remain anonymous said they would not be surprised if Mr. Jammeh is diagnosed with diabetics citing his mother’s diabetic records over the years.

“ HE Jammeh has been losing weight drastically in recent times. We have recommended that his blood be tested for diabetic as there are fears that he might have inherited it from his Mum, but for some reasons, he is not willing to have his blood tested. All what we know is that the President is sick. He really needs urgent medical attention.” said an official who works at the House of Parliament.

Mr. Jammeh’s mother Aja Aasombi Bojang traveled to the United States twice every year to get her diabetic medication in Washington DC. The old woman has since stopped eating rice and meat as advised by her doctors.

Mr. Jammeh’s sudden weight loss is of major concern to his family even though, his intelligence are trying to portray him as a healthy leader who is presumably on a diet.

Jammeh’s case is similar to the sick Guinea leader Lasana Conteh whose ailing health condition as a diabetics patient was earlier denied when the story was first reported by the Guinea Press. It was later publicly confirmed that Conteh was suffering from diabetics.

The Freedom Newspaper has nothing to gain by reporting that the President is suffering from diabetics. We are merely reporting concerns and factual observations made by his inner circles. These sources are close to the President and we have no doubt in our mind that they would release such classified state secrets only to smear the President’s image. No way.

Diabetics is classified as a killer disease and has been a major health problem in The Gambia. Patients suffering from the disease are often advised to avoid stress related issues and the consumption of sugar and salt.

Attempts to reach the newly hired health Minister retired army officer Major Njie for comments proved futile. Dr. Njie was said to be busy attending to other state functions. Attempts were also made to solicit react from his predecessor Dr. Tamsir Mbowe who is the current Director of Jammeh’s HIV/Aids and Diabetics program, but Mbowe too was not available for comments.

Considering, the gravity of such a news item involving the President’s ailing health condition, we hope the office of the President will furnish Gambians about the current health status of the President. Gambians reserved the right to know the health condition of their President.

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