Breaking News:Gambian Police say UDP’S Kebba Fatty was accused of possessing Colonel Ndure Cham’s pistol!!

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It appears that the dust surrounding the 2006, March alleged foiled coup, led by former Chief of Staff Colonel Ndure Cham is yet to settle down, as reports have it that the Head of Gambia’s main opposition Group, the United Democratic Party’s Kebba Fatty is being investigated by Gambian law enforcement authorities in relation to the said coup attempt against the Jammeh Government. Mr.Fatty, a retired Director of the Defunct National Drug Squad has been accused of possessing hand pistol allegedly belonging to the  army fugitive Ndure Cham. These  latest developments comes amidst wide spread reports of a major economic and political collapse in the former British colony, tiny Gambia. The Government is increasingly worried by the  fragile security situation in the country, characterized by high  cost of living, which observers here say might extend an invitation for a national uprising if not tackled. Across the country, people from all walks of life are disappointed by the current leadership’s inability to allay their fears of a looming economic and political hardship which grips the impoverished populace. The March coup investigations has now been extended to the opposition, who the President accuses in the past of  trying to cause unrest in the Gambia. Well placed police sources said there was no pistol  or firearms found in possession of Mr.Fatty, even though the Government is pushing too hard at this hour to press charges against him.

Mr.Fatty was arrested at his Brikama Nyambai residence about a week ago by  Gambia’s law enforcement officials. He was asked to write a statement about the purported pistol entrusted to him by Ndure Cham. Fatty in his statement to the police however, denied concealing or receiving any arms from the fugitive. Police said the opposition Security Chief might soon appear in court, as the Gambian Head of State was behind his arrest. These sources told the Freedom Newspaper that Mr.Fatty has engaged the services of a lawyer to represent him in court should the Government went ahead to press arm possession charges against him. “The Attorney General is reviewing the case file. They are trying to invent evidence in  a bid to incriminate him. We the officers handling Fatty’s case are positive that the case is politically motivated. There is no iota of truth into the allegations, but we are compelled to do what the President wants, even though this is not in line with our job confinement.” said an official of the Serious Crime Unit in Banjul.

According to the senior police detective, the Government earlier had in mind to raid the residence of the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe, but later changed their mind for tactical reasons.” Mr. Fatty was arrested for two reasons. One, the Government is increasingly worried about the possible showdown action in Brikama,  because the population there don’t want to pay water bills recently imposed by the Area Council. Fatty,  being an influential person in Brikama, the Government thought that by arresting him they can pre-empt the planned strike. That Fatty was likely to incite  the UDP youths and the inhabitants to defy the said water fee charges. Two, the Government has been figuring ways and means of implicating the UDP leadership into the March coup. Since there is a big confusion in Brikama, they thought that the best way to cow the community down  was to arrest a top official of the opposition. Throughout out our investigations, there was no evidence found that might linked Fatty to arm possession. This was why we couldn’t  explain the reasons for his arrest when contacted by his family, colleagues, and some development partners. All we have to do is to release him on bail. This case is malicious and politically motivated.” said one of the detectives assigned to the case.

According to the police detective, Mr.Fatty’s Brikama residence was searched during the operation.” They might as well  lie that we found a pistol in his residence, but there was nothing like that. The AG Kebba Sanyang  has been complaining about the weakness of the case. Perhaps, they might end up manufacturing evidence against Kebba Fatty. Throughout my career as a detective in this office, I have never such a weak case. We are kind of dump founded as to what to do. The IGP Mr. Jammeh wants to see Fatty lock up. Our hands are tied as we speak. I don’t mind the IGP reading this, but the reality is that the UDP leadership got to be very, very careful. There is a bigger scheme plotted against them. I witnessed all the meetings held at the IGP’S office and I know what their intentions are.” said the police detective.

According to the police detective, the President “is worried about reports that rebels loyal to Ndure Cham were posed to replace him and as such  is employing all kinds of security measures to avert such a thing from happening.” Our source warned the UDP leadership to take serious actions to stop the planned move taken by the government to execute Rambo and Kaniyba. “I do know that the President was very upset when his mother received threatening death letters at her Bakau residence. Rambo being a resident of Bakau, makes him a target to be harmed  by the government. These threats were issued shortly after the foiled coup. Sana Manjang boys can go wild  and kill  these people. The earlier the UDP takes action the better it would be for them and the detainees.  They kept moving them from one detention camp to the other. Reports going round in our offices suggest  that these people might as well suffer like Daba Marena and co. Darboe should confront the authorities or write letters to the International Community. As an officer, I know what I’m talking about.” said our source.

Meanwhile, UDP youths in Brikama are equally shocked by Fatty’s recent arrest. They told the Freedom Newspaper that Jammeh’s provocation against their party officials was getting out of hand. “It is about time for our leadership to convene an emergency meeting. We need to take to the streets to register our opposition to these crimes against humanity taking place in the Gambia. How can Mr.Fatty have Ndure Cham’s pistol? Does this makes sense to you? President Jammeh has been taking the UDP for a ride for sometime now. We are ready to die than to be bullied anymore. This nonsense got to stop. We are waiting our leader before taking to the streets. We are ready for anything.” said a UDP youth in Brikama.

The youths said if President Jammeh doesn’t cease his intimidation terror against their party officials they might demonstrate to demand for his resignation. ” We are pushed to the corner. Our executive should please allow us to take to the streets. I wish I was in Kebba Fatty’s house that day. I would have joined him to the police. Our leaders should stop the diplomacy. Rambo and others deserve freedom. The government should produce these people.” The youth retorted.

Attempts to reach Mr.Ousainou Darboe for comments proved futile. But sources close to the UDP Secretariat said Fatty was accused of arm possession by the state. UDP insiders said the arrest of Kebba Fatty was another intimidation directed at their officials by the Jammeh government.

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