Breaking News:Gambian Police Clash With Beggars-Gov’t Under Fire!
Gambian Police Clash With Beggars-Gov’t Under Fire!

“Gov’t Accused Of “Gross Rights Violations”

By Our National Correspondent Landing Badjie

The government of The Gambia has come under a barrage of criticism for their unrelenting assault on beggars in the streets of Banjul and major towns.The police and beggars are now combatants with hardly a week passing by without the latter launching an assault on the former. Late last year, about 20 beggars were rounded up in the streets of Banjul and taken to Banjul Magistrates’ Court where they were convicted and sentenced to keep the peace for six months. The court, presided over by magistrate B.Y. Camara, found them ‘guilty’ of causing an obstruction and being of a nuisance to the greater public. This ruling has irked many, including the National Union of Disabled Youth and the Gambia Organization of the visually impaired.

But NUDY and GOVI were in fact in for more surprises as more street beggars  continue to be arrested late last month and this month.

People are  wondering  what  the  Yaya  Jammeh  administration  stand  to  gain  from  violating  the human  rights of people. The Constitution of The Gambia is clear about human rights when it states that the authority that the government  derive from the people should be exercised to promote their welfare and prosperity.The same fundamental law of the land also states that the right of the disabled to respect and human dignity shall be recognized by the State but people are asking whether the Jammeh administration recognizes that the disabled have a  right to respect and human dignity.

Be as it may, the up/ward spiral in the number of people taking to begging as a profession could be traced to the country’s economic situation. Prices of essential commodities are shooting through the roof, unemployment rife and corruption seemingly uncontrollable. What is now expected of the Jammeh dispensation is to improve the quality of life of the citizens rather than humiliating and bullying them.

People also expects the Jammeh government to release journalist Chief Ebrima Manneh, Councilor Rambo Jatta, UDP’s Kanyiba Kanyi, Ngorr Secka formerly Operations Director with the NIA, EX Army chief, Vincent Jatta, Abdoulie Kujabi, Foday Barry, Sergeants Buba Mendy and Buba Jammeh, former Gamtel boss, Omar Ndow and others who were detained for more than 72 hours without charge. People want the government to respect the human rights of all people in The Gambia.

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