The officials at the Gambian Mission in the United Kingdom led by Tamsir Jallow should resign if they feel that they cannot serve the Gambian public overseas. Samba Sarr’s complaint against Embassy officials is one out of thousand of cases. For a longtime, Embassy officials in Washington DC and in the UK have been accused in some quarters of playing bureaucratic red tape. They don’t report to work on time and hardly spent four good hours in their offices. They are all running around trying to earn extra money outside their work, even though they are paid by Gambia’s impoverished tax payers. Shame on  these blood shockers, whose pre-occupation is to exploit Gambians overseas. There are unconfirmed reports linking these so called diplomats to corruption and abuse of office. We have seen instances where people perceived to be opponents of the Ruling APRC government and some of its own supporters being denied passport extension. For one to get his papers expedited he or she must know some one in these embassies or be willing to hand them money under the counter. The purpose of having a foreign Mission overseas is being defeated since these lazy and corrupt officials are not willing to serve us the citizens. Under normal democracy,all citizens should be treated equally irrespective of their party affiliations. But this does not obtain in Gambian Missions abroad. The first thing they do when you visits their offices is to conduct a background check on you-trying to know what party you supports and what not. These officials are not doing good to President Jammeh and his party at all.

A  Diplomat in DC name withheld for now, was bragging at some point saying that he was going to call the Immigration office in Banjul so that the wife of the Editor of the Freedom Newspaper would be denied a passport. The official was upset about a story we ran regarding his dubious activities in Raleigh NC and DC, the nation’s capital.  A  subsequent investigation reveals that the said Diplomat did indeed contacted the Immigration Director General in a bid to block M’Bai’s wife from securing a passport. We beat their intelligence  at the time, as  M’Bai’s wife had already secured her passport at the material time.

The official even went as far as  threatening to come to Raleigh to physically assault Pa Nderry M’Bai. Mr.M’Bai laughed over the idle threat and  said he look forward the day when the said Diplomat would  confront him in the US soil, where he is legally protected like any other Citizen. Samba Sarr’s piece prompted us to unveil the official’s sinister plot against MBai and his family. God so good, the official was fired and later recalled by the Gambian government. As we pen this write up together, the official is still in the US. He fears to return  home as he knows what awaits him. Little did this so called diplomat knows that this paper is blessed. Our intelligence network works well and whoever plans against us would pay for the price.

The Diplomat is today an illegal immigrant in a foreign land. His bad wishes for Freedom is  hunting him. Perhaps, he  is banking on Congress  to past  the Guest worker program so that he  can try and  regularise his status. We met this shameless official in the streets of DC trying to earn a living. One cannot rule out that the official was reporting other Gambians who disagreed with the Jammeh regime. Freedom’s case tells a lot about the type of person the official is.

The Diplomat would be second guessing about our source. We thought  it crucially imperative to pen the said experience for posterity purposes. Pa Nderry’s own mentor Deyda Hydara was murdered by the very regime the said Diplomat served. We cannot understand why some Gambians are selfish. The mere fact that Freedom disagrees with Yahya does not  warrant such sinister plans. What we reported about the Diplomat was the truth and nothing but the truth. Let him make a noise and we will spill the beans.

For that of the UK Embassy, we know for a fact that the High Commissioner is a spent force who outlived his usefulness. Tamsir is too old for the job and needs to take a rest. Tam should not take insult of this honest and sincere observation. Due to economic and political uncertainties, intellectuals like Jallow are not comfortable of returning home. We can vividly remember his first recall, which he defied and decided to stay in the UK. He later picked  up a job, where he was working until his re-appointment as High Commissioner.Jallow used to say bad things about President Jammeh and his cohorts. In those days when you ask him why he cannot return home, he would tell you that Yahya Jammeh and his killers would take his life if he steps his foot in Banjul. He uses official persecution to establish his stay in the United Kingdom. It  beat our imagination that the same Tamsir Jallow can today minced his words. These are the real threat to state security and not us whose political views are no secret to Jammeh. Tamsir Jallow should be real and stop the hide and sick game.

It’s unfair for him to use our poor tax payers funds without delivering the goods.There is nothing wrong for one to quit a job if he or she feels that his private errands might conflict with his job. It’s no secret that some embassy officials are doing part time jobs in the UK and elsewhere. They said their salary cannot meet their needs. Comparing the ailing Gambian Dalasi to the pound, these officials are living from hand to mouth. But guess what? They chose for the job and therefore have no excuses to give us.

We challenge Mr.Jallow and the DC sacked Diplomat to defend themselves if they feel that what we reported is erroneous. As a responsible media house, we are duty bound to empower our oppressed citizens by giving them their God given right to freely express themselves. The accusations brought against the Gambian UK embassy and that of DC are not isolated cases. There are hundreds of Gambians eager to tell us their own stories. Lets expose these corrupt officials in the interest of tackling graft. Our country deserves better.

Posted on Tuesday, January 02, 2007 (Archive on Monday, February 26, 2007)
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