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Banjul,The Gambia: A local magistrate in Banjul has condemned the re- arrest of Abdou Jobe, the sacked Managing Director of the National Water and Electricity company NAWEC. Magistrate Mboto ruled that the action of the Gambian police was a “total breach of the rule of law and an affront to the country’s national laws.” Addressing a packed court room, the presiding magistrate strongly criticized the police for disrespecting the dictates of the constitution, which she said should be uphold by all and sundry. The magistrate said the police’s action was “unlawful” and should not be repeated again.

According to magistrate Mboto, Mr.Jobe can only be rearrested provided that he had his bail bond revoked. Apart from that, she continued the police has no right whatsoever to rearrest him. She rules that Jobe had so far not violated the terms and conditions of his bail bond.

Mr.Jobe was having dinner with his family when plainclothe officers forcefully arrested him. His request to finish his meal was denied by the arresting officers, sources revealed. Angered by the police’s conduct his attorney Sheriff Tambadou filed a suit at the Banjul magistrate court demanding for his immediate and unconditional release. In a court deposition filed on behalf of his client, Tambadou argued that the action taken by the police to rearrest his client was unconstitutional. Tambadou expressed the need for the police to allow the rule of law to take its cause before acting otherwise. Lawyer Tambado also lamented the way and manner his client was taken away from his family. A member of Mr.Jobe’s family sworn to an affidavit to demand for his release.

Meanwhile, magistrate Mboto has ordered for the release of Abdou Jobe. Mr.Jobe’s problems with the state started when he allegedly refused to sign a deal that was designed to privatize the nation’s main power company called NAWEC. Jobe according to NAWEC sources refused to be associated with such a scam, which according to many NAWEC insiders was designed to enrich the President and his close associates.

Shortly after Jobe’s unceremonious sacking and subsequent imprisonment, the government announced that the Global Management System has taken over the affairs of NAWEC. Although, it did not reveal the company’s origin and headquarters. But sources close to the Presidency told the Freedom Newspaper that President Jammeh was a majority shareholder to the said new electrical and water venture.The current management of the Global Management System is mainly consist of Lebanese and some Moroccan nationals.

The new owners of the company have promised to revamp the country’s ailing energy sector. That said, the firm is also busy restructuring the company with the sacking of Baba Jarjusey, NAWEC’S Financial Director. Some junior and senior staffers of the firm have been lined up to be replaced, sources hinted. Already, anxiety and worry continues to grip local staffers.

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