Jammeh Announces 20 Percent salary increment for Gambian workers!!Salary increment greeted with mixed reaction!!

By Mamadou I. Dukureh

Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh today announces an increment on salaries by 20% due to the progress made in the past year. Yayah Jammeh has said that there would be a 20% increment on government paid workers with effect from February 2008. News of the salary increment has been greeted with mixed reaction here. Many believe that that the Presidential announcement was just another hoax aimed at bringing false hope to disgruntled Civil Servants.

Many workers are wondering what the 20% would do to them when their salaries have been too poor and many could not meet their needs which has made many civil servants to live on bribery and corruption especially the police and some others in public offices.

A concerned Gambian said that prices of commodities would soon double if they hear about the fake 20% increment that has been announced. The prices of a bag of rice has been going sky high without explanation and one bag charges for 6 to 700 plus Dalasis. Sugar too has gone high and flower, subsequently bread has gone sky high and many are in tears with no one seeing them.

Fuel and prices of basic commodities will go sky high at this announcement. Jammeh said the GDP Growth Rate rose to 7% and the country has been counted qualified for debt relief as a result the country has done well economically, therefore a bonus of 20% for workers. Mr. Bamba, a tailor said no matter how salaries are increased if there is no control of price and help to the poor, the situation will remain the same.

Many are angry at the level of corruption and the rate at which some people are becoming rich in the country with even their girl friends owning a car. For those people salary increment means nothing to them because they already have an increased salary from where they get the extra from. If this is not addressed the country will no see many happy families they will always be in tears due to hardship.

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