Gambia Signs $310,000 Electricity Deal With A Jordanian Company!……..NEPCO To Help Upgrade Gambia’s ailing Electricity Sector

Has Muhammed Bazzi and his Spectrum Group Fail To Deliver??

By Mamat Taal, Banjul.

A Jordanian power Company, operating under the name “the National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) has awarded $310,000 contract to help find a lasting solution to Gambia’s energy crisis, according to the Jordanian Press. It appears that Muhammed Bazzi and his Spectrum Group are not delivering the goods, thus compelling Government to scout for new a company to revive the National Water And Electricity Company NAWEC.

 Meanwhile, NAWEC insiders have accused the Government for lack of transparency. “ This deal was never brought to the attention of the National Assembly. They just did what they wanted. From the word go, we knew that Bazzi lacks the know how to run NAWEC. The generators they brought here are too old. You see what happened? NAWEC is in total crisis.” said an official of NAWEC.

According to some NAWEC Management members, Mr.Bazzi might have ties with the said Jordanian Company.” We cannot rule out kickbacks in this deal. They lied that the contract was tendered. There was no tender publish in any of the local Newspapers. It was never made public. Bazzi is once again favoring his Arab brothers. Almost all the developmental sectors in this country are in the hands of Arabs. There was no local or international tender published as Jallow lied in his statement” said the NAWEC official.

It would be recalled that the Spectrum Group recently purchased 50 percent shares of GAMTEL, NAWEC, GIA and GAMCEL. Under the new deal, Spectrum had a say in the affairs of these institution. They also have shares on Gam-petroleum.

Across the country people are shocked about the way NAWEC is being transferred from one company to the other. “ They are using NAWEC as an easy place to get money. All these contracts should be investigated. Our MD Momodou Jallow should be very careful because he is allowing himself to be used. He was very instrumental in the sale of NAWEC. How can they entrust NAWEC to Bazzi when he lacks the man power and equipment to run the establishment. You see what is happening now? They had to look for another company to run NAWEC. Bazzi is just a vendor who mediates between Government and these companies.” he said.

NAWEC insiders say unless the President recalls the firm’s old guard, nothing would work at NAWEC. “ Gambians should run NAWEC and not foreigners. Even if they bring the best Power company in the world, if we don’t want to work nothing can make us work. Bazzi and his group should leave. We do not need any Jordanian Company to come here. This is our position.” said an insider at NAWEC.

National Electric Power Company (NEPCO) will help upgrade the electricity sector in Gambia under a $310,000 agreement with the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC).

NEPCO Director General Ahmad Hiasat, who signed the deal with NAWEC Managing Director Momodou Jallow, said Jordan bid in an international tender offered for the upgrade of the power sector in the African country and won the competition against several international firms.

According to a statement from NEPCO received by The Jordan Times on Monday, the Jordanian firm will conduct a feasibility study on means to upgrade the electricity sector in Gambia and will create an advanced electricity system regarding the lines of transfer, power transfer and generation stations and distribution networks in Banjul, the capital of Gambia, and western parts of the country.

A total of seven experts from the planning and transfer plant unit at NEPCO will carry out the feasibility study, said Hiasat, along with an expert from NAWEC.

Hiasat indicated that the Arab African Development Bank will finance the project which will extend over a six-month period.

He pointed out that NEPCO has carried out several training courses for power companies in Africa and that the project is the first for the company on that continent.

“NEPCO has implemented several power projects in many Arab countries, including Yemen, Iraq and the United Arab Emirates,” the director general elaborated.

The Gambian official visited several power generation units in the Kingdom and expressed hope that NEPCO will sign more deals with NAWEC to implement other electricity development projects.

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