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Following the ailing security situation in the Gambia, with alleged reports of  an arm invasion by rebels loyal to fugitive Colonel Ndure Cham, the Gambian Government in an official memo has advised all sacked or retired men and women in  uniform to register with the nearest security post within the Western African country, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively reveal. The leaked memo says the objective of such a national registration of former service men was intended to document ex service men who were still residing in the country. The memo also talked about the need to monitor some of the retired and fired service men believed to be passing information to Colonel Nudre Cham. A spokesman at the State House in Banjul has confirmed the said move taken by the Jammeh government to document ex service men.The spokesman said  the government’s move was inline with national security, while  arguing that “It is in the interest of the country” to document these former soldiers. The spokesman says the President was still convinced about an arm attack allegedly emanating from a neighboring country. He says ex -soldiers suspected of having ties with Ndure Cham would be closely monitored by the NIA, while citing an intelligence reported issued by the NIA about an imminent security threat against this country.

The State House spokesman says soldiers retired or dismissed from the army, from 1994 to date, would be recalled to help the police in ensuring that their information is documented. The spokesman says, they got an intelligence report, which suggested that Colonel Cham, Kukoi Samba Sanyang, Lt.Badjie, Major Kalipha Bajinka and Captain Sana B Sabally were poised to topple the Jammeh government through forceful means.

Reading the State House Memo to our correspondent Wise Man, the State House spokesman said the report also mentioned names of former service men linked to having direct ties with the above name individuals. The spokesman said plans were afoot to arrest former service men implicated by the NIA report, whenever  they showed up for registration. The spokesman also said ex soldiers who failed to show up might warrant their immediate arrest as the NIA and other sister security agencies had the list in their hands.

The State House Memo also suggested that Colonel Cham and co were being constantly fed  with security information by some former service men,  in a bid to beef up their alleged plan to showdown in Banjul. Meanwhile, anxiety and worry continues to grip President Jammeh. He kept changing his convoy for security reasons. He spent most nights in Kanilai, even though the place is fragile in terms of  security and tactical reasons. Kanilai is very close to the Gambia/Senegal border. With the ongoing rebellion in that troubled region, Jammeh is increasingly worried about his personal safety. Travelers from Casamance have complained about “constant harassment” and intimidation from Gambian security forces. They often mistaken some of these  travelers as “rebels” and as such they detained them for hours.

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