Sky News Correspondent Did A Wonderful Job For Exposing Jammeh’s Madness!

“Gov’t And Daily Observer Threaten British Journalist And UN Envoy.”

“The statement by Fadzai Gwarazimba, the UNDP co-ordinator in the Gambia, quoted by Emma Hurd, is irresponsible and most unexpected from a UNDP resident representative as her statement is not based on any perceived sexual behaviour pattern by people of this country.”says The Daily Observer.

Few weeks ago, the Sky News TV correspondent in South Africa Emma Hurd contacted the Managing Editor of the Freedom Newspaper asking the Editor to help her with an independent minded Gambian journalist  to work with them during their proposed visit to the Gambia. Ms.Hurd  was planning to visit Banjul, at the material time in a bid to interview President Yahya Jammeh who claimed to have cure for aids. The British born journalist was eager to pursue the story. She believes that the  story on Jammeh’s aids cure claims needs to be covered and was determined to travel to the Gambia. Our Interview with Demba Ali Jawo  inspired her more to pursue the story. Our Editor responded by giving her some contact persons in the Gambia, who could help to facilitate her mission to be successful. Ms.Emma Hurd did a brilliant work by proving Jammeh wrong on his aids cure. The journalist was very focused while at the state house and  had succeeded in exposing Jammeh’s lies on aids cure. We invite you to visit this link to listen to Emma’s interview with Angered by the journalist’s revelations on Jammeh’s “aids cure hoax” the government mouth piece Newspaper, the Daily Observer issued a damning editorial accusing Emma of “misinformation” doubting the President’s ability to cure aids. The Observer was also not happy with the comments made by the UNDP representative in the Gambia who was equally critical of Jammeh’s fake aids cure. The representative was quoted as saying that the government propaganda was likely going promote risky behaviours in the country.
Emma Hurd is not only  sincere, but also  a principled journalist. Her credibility cannot be doubted by a gutter press like the Observer. Read this few lines she sent to Freedom thanking us.”Hi,Just returned from The Gambia. Our story was broadcast on Sky News yesterday and has already been condemned as “lies” by The Observer newspaper….

As promised, here’s the version I wrote for our Sky News website ( The video report is also still on the website if you want to
take a look.

with best wishes and thanks for your help


Emma, you are must welcome. We cherish your efforts to pursue the truth. If reporting the truth on Jammeh’s fake aids cure means being economical with the truth then so be it. You have proven to be a true journalist with a lot of intergrity. The whole world is talking about your comprehensive and informative piece. Our kids, grand kids have been saved from Jammeh’s lies and cheap propaganda. Gambians and the rest of the world can now distinguish the chaff and wind thanks to your indept report. Don’t be moved by the Observer story. The Editor of this very paper was smeared by the  Observer with a cheap propaganda that “I have shut down our paper and had decided to join the ruling party. After hacking the Freedom Newspaper, the government of the Gambia posted a fake message on Freedom claiming that “M’Bai had ceased running Freedom and had decided to join their party.” Freedom is still alive and kicking. This shows you how vicicious this government is.

Below is Ms Emma’s piece. Please read on…

The United Nations has warned of dangerous consequences in the tiny West
African state of The Gambia – after the country’s leader declared he can
cure AIDS.
President Yahya Jammeh has treated dozens of patients with his herbal remedy
and claims many of them are now free of HIV.
So is this a miracle cure or a high stakes hoax ?
Sky’s Africa Correspondent Emma Hurd travelled to The Gambia – and has this
exclusive report.

Dressed from head to toe in sparkling white robes, President Yahya Jammeh,
leans over his latest patient and massages an herbal ointment into his
The man is HIV positive, but after a few sessions of this treatment: a rub
down with the cream, a splash on the face with another potion and a drink of
a murky looking liquid, the President claims he’ll be cured.
He’s already treated dozens of his people with his traditional medicine,
succeeding, he says, where modern medical science has failed.
Sceptics are not welcome.
“Who do I have to convince?” he demanded, jabbing his finger towards me.
“The World?” I suggested. “I do not have to convince anybody. I can cure
aids and I will not explain it to those who don’t want to understand.”

The only proof we were shown were photocopied laboratory results which
appear to show that some of his patients now have “undetectable” levels of
HIV in their blood. No evidence was provided to show they were HIV positive
before the treatment. We asked for independent tests, which were refused
along with a request to take samples of the secret herbal medicines. “Not
in a million years”, the President told me.

We were at least permitted to speak to one of his patients, Ousman Sowe, a
university lecturer.
“I believe I am cured” he said. “I believe that I am now HIV negative.”
He could offer no proof.

This “cure” is sponsored by The Gambia’s Department of Health. The
President’s patients are kept on special wards in the nation’s hospitals and
the Health Minister selects suitable candidates for treatment. Fatou Sanyang
arrived with her two year old son. The child, like her, is HIV positive,
she told me, and she wants the President to heal them both.

The Minister, Dr Tamsir Mbowe, did not think that would be a problem. “One
hundred per cent the President can cure everyone. It is absolutely
medically proven.” He said.

Despite the lack of evidence, there are few in the Gambia who dare doubt
this “miracle”. The President controls the media and the only message his
people are hearing is that the treatment works, and patients are now queuing
up outside his door.

President Jammeh cures Aids on Thursdays and Asthma on Saturdays, the rest
of the time he runs the country he’s ruled for 12 years.
It’s a place which attracts 80 thousand British tourists every year, and was
until recently considered progressive in its approach to AIDS.
Organisations which run orthodox programmes to combat the spread of the
virus now fear all of their work is being undone.
“The problem is there is no scientific proof for this.” Fadzai Gwarazimba,
the co-ordinator for the UN in The Gambia, told me.
“If people start to believe there is a cure then they will start to engage
in risky behaviour and that could mean even more of a problem with AIDS in
this continent.”

Africa is crying out for leaders who will take AIDS seriously, but President
Jammeh seems to have joined the ranks of those who believe it’s a conspiracy
cooked up by the drugs companies of the West.
We watched as he finished treating a young woman, who lay passively on a bed
while she was slathered in ointment until her black skin shone.
In a few weeks she, along with the latest batch of 29 patients, will finish
her treatment. What is most chilling is that they will all, most likely,
still be HIV positive as they return to live life as if they are cured.

Below is the Daily Observer bogus editorial. Please read on…

Sky News’s report on the President’s herbal cure for HIV was full of misinformation, lies and absurdities. Sky’s Africa correspondent, Emma Hurd, questioned the efficacy of the President’s cure on the apocryphal grounds that there was no evidence for it.

This is an obvious falsity because patients were treated after having been diagnosed first by a qualified medical practitioner. And the results were also clinically confirmed by qualified medical personnel. The marked increase in the CD4 counts of the patients could not have been cooked up even by the the most imaginative enthusiast.

It was simply out of churlish cynicism that the Sky report dared to suggest that the President and our Department of Health would put our lives at risk by concocting a bogus remedy. The idea that few in the country dare doubt the cure is quite simply based on ignorance.

One should therefore wonder why Sky News manufactured false information to discredit the God-given cure for Aids, which President Jammeh has already adequately demonstrated. It is false for Emma Hurd to claim that the UN has warned of the dangerous consequences of President Jammeh’s curative gifts. Which UN organisation has made this statement? It was not mentioned in the Sky news report. The WHO is the UN organ responsible for health and this organisation has not yet made any pronouncement on the matter. The Sky news statement is therefore false. The report is definitely written with a view to damage and not to authenticate. This is the cheapest form of reporting, not expected from Sky news. President Jammeh’s claim that he has treated dozens of Gambians with traditional medicine, succeeding where modern medical science has failed, is a living truth. There is ample evidence based on western scientific verification methods, through laboratory tests conducted by medical professors at the faculty of Medicine, Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar, Senegal, that patients who were tested Hiv positive prior to commencement of treatment were again tested after the treatment and the results showed that the virus became undetectable. That is to say the virus can no longer be seen, which in layman’s language and to the patients affected, the disease has been conquered. What other proofs are people still asking for? President Jammeh does not have to convince anyone that he has been given the gift and knowledge to cure Aids. And he does not have to explain to anyone the secret of this gift and knowledge to cure Aids.

The statement by Fadzai Gwarazimba, the UNDP co-ordinator in the Gambia, quoted by Emma Hurd, is irresponsible and most unexpected from a UNDP resident representative as her statement is not based on any perceived sexual behaviour pattern by people of this country. In fact her statement is not only absurd but infantile, as it assumes that once the cure for aids has been found, there would be increased promiscuity. This is poor reasoning.

Gambians and all other people of hope should welcome this development in our country. Africans should be proud that an African is using African knowledge to cure the diseases and ailments of people, no matter what race. President Jammeh will cure anyone with Aids, be he black or white, because his knowledge is a gift to humanity at large. We must wake up to the fact that the pharmaceutical industry, who control the major seats of power around the world will not be happy with President Jammeh’s gift and knowledge to cure Aids, as there are billions of dollars attached to research, to find a western medicine to cure Aids and to sell existing and ineffective drugs to fight Aids. Indeed this little country called The Gambia with its gifted leader has now become the biggest threat to the interests of the multi-national drug companies, who may even have shares in Sky news. We would therefore not be surprised that Emma Hurd is promoting the interests of the multi-national drug companies, who hide behind the name of western medicine to peddle their useless drugs.

Gambians and many more people will continue to go to President Jammeh to be cured of the disease that is de-populating most countries in Africa today. The people who were cured are living evidence of President Jammeh’s success.

The editor can be reached at the following, or If you know that it’s happening or is about to happen please contact us. It’s easy. Just type your info on our contact us file and  then click send. The Freedom Newspaper is your leading and most authoritative  source of news. We have the required professionals to serve you round the clock. Get your morning breakfast news by reading Freedom. We have good stuffs  every morning. At Freedom, we mean business.

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