Breaking News:Gambia Bans Chicken leg street sale!!!
Chicken Leg Sellers Banned in The Gambia!!

Health Ministry Action Devastated local businesses!!!

Health Officials say the ban was inline with public health safety regulations

By Correspondent Famara Jammeh, Banjul.
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Chicken leg sellers will tomorrow wake up hearing bad news on the ban of their chicken “afra” sold on streets in the country, due to a government ban on the sale, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. Food and Hygiene and Safety Unit of the Ministry of Health has put a ban on the sale of chicken leg “afra” on the streets of the country. This ban comes especially when many poor people cannot afford the cost of an hotel chicken that is so expensive. Poor strugglers would depend on the grilled chicken leg that is sold on the streets. They are well prepared with enough maggi and other condiments.

It is believed that foreigners are engaged in the sale of the chicken “afra” on street corners. These especially the fulas from Guinea Conakry, who are also harassed by the Immigration for their Alien Cards on a daily basis. It is expensive for them but are forced to pay for it. The source of their lively hood is  again blocked as they were tightened to stop  wheel barrow work, by providing license for them. The ban would render dozens of Chicken leg sellers unemployed.

Health officials here defended the move. They said the action was  taken in the best interest of public health safety. That those engaged in the sale of Chicken legs afra  never met certain health regulations.

There has been no reported case of cholera outbreak from those eating of the chicken leg. Others think that the ban should have been placed on the import of chicken into the country. Mamadou Jallow says, “How can I feed my Gambian wife and three children now when this is stopped?”

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