By Our Western Division Correspondent Wise Man.
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Following his confession that the Gambian President supplied cooking materials to the MFDC rebels, in the Southern Province of Casamance, about 15 armed Gambian security officials stormed a Brikama Santosu residence to arrest the erstwhile MFDC rebel Edrissa Jarju. Jarju was arrested Friday night shortly after the Freedom Newspaper ran his interview with Correspondent Wise Man. Meanwhile, Jarju is being forced to disclose the true identity of Wise Man, but he declined to entertain such a request. The former rebel warlord told the Freedom Newspaper earlier in an interview that the Gambian leader used to supply  their armed group with oil and rice over the years. It appeared that his statement angered those in  corridors of power. They resorted to order for his immediate arrest. Jarju is currently forced to disclose the name and address of Correspondent Wise Man.

His arrest was triggered by the Brikama Station officer. A neighbor helped the police to facilitate his arrest, according to police sources who reached this paper. Jarju was asked by the police if he would recognize reporter Wise Man if he happens to come across with him, he replied in the negative. Jarju says he was new in Brikama and as such he cannot remember all the people he got into contact with. He confessed to the police that he did spoke  to people about President Yahya Jammeh’s “close ties with rebel leader Salifou Sarjo.”

Meanwhile, secret police in Brikama have intensified their investigations to trace Correspondent Wise Man. Their efforts to lure Jarju to reveal Wise Man’s true identity failed. The former rebel is apparently not entertaining such conversations. Up to the time of going to press, Mr.Jarju was being held by the Gambian police.

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