14 Year Old Basse Boy Rapes American Peace Corps Volunteer!!

….“The 63 Year Old White Peace Corps Volunteer was Forcefully Lured Into Sex By The Boy.” says School Authorities 

By Mama Sowe, Basse


Drama unfolded in The Gambian town of Basse, when a 14 year old boy attempted to rape a 63 year old American Peace Corps Volunteer, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report. The incident which occurred in the bushes behind the Catholic Mission residence Mission, shocked school authorities in that region.

It is against the policy of the Freedom Newspaper to identify minors involved in such crimes and its victims as well. The Peace Corps Volunteer who was assigned to Basse recently had the rude shock of her life when the said 14 year old by forcefully tried to have sex with her.

The white lady who is yet to recover from the horrible ordeal she experienced from rural Gambia, is working as a Peace Corps Volunteer with the Basse based CADO aids office. Her relationship with the accused 14 year old boy started when she saw the sorry state the boy was living in Basse.

Coming from a poor background, the boy had problems in meeting his educational needs. The Peace Corps Volunteer then decided to sponsor the boy name withheld. She does not only pay for the boy’s school fees, but she also helped to take care of the pupil’s other educational needs. Her passion to bail out a poor school boy from educational nightmares, shattered when the boy attempted to rape her.

It was one fine evening, when the American Peace Corps Volunteer asked her student friend to accompany her for a road walk. She was at the material time accompanied by another Peace Corps Volunteer lady.

After a while, the lady decided to discontinue the road walk, leaving her colleague with the 14 year old boy in the bush. The two proceeded, leaving the other Peace Corps Volunteer behind.

The unsuspecting old Peace Corps Volunteer was taken by surprise, when the boy showed his prick to the old woman and asked if she would want to have a taste of it. The old woman who was left devastated by her new friend’s unruly behavior tersely remarked “I am older than your father, I can be your grand mother, don’t tell me that shit, again.” The boy then hit the old woman in her mouth inflicting heavy pain on her. She did not give in, she rather held him tight until he ran away home.

The United States Government has been sending Peace Corps to The Gambia, with the aim of complementing Government’s quest to provide quality education to rural and urban folks. The Peace Corps Volunteers specialized in different areas: such as Education, Science, Health and Agriculture.

Due to Gambia’s stable political climate, many Peace Corps Volunteers preferred to be posted to The Gambia. But the recent rape case involving one of their staffers had scared many volunteers here. The incident had slightly shifted their perception about the Gambia. Many Volunteers are now cautious about where they go and who they mingled with.

The Principal of the school Marabatou Badjie was left speechless by the incident. The principal was more concerned about the implications of the boy’s misconduct. That US officials will likely frowned at such an ugly incident. That Basse might be declared unsafe for Peace Corps Volunteers in The Gambia.

Principal Badjie had earlier threatened the young boy to confess to his crimes or otherwise he would have him handed to the police. He makes his promise good, as the boy was held by the police. The 14 year old boy later confessed attempting to rape the old white lady.

The boy was questioned by the Basse police. The police’s attempts to press charges against the minor was frustrated by the Principal. Marabatou Badjie arguments were that he was new in the job at ST. Georges and that if the case should be exposed to the public he would be in trouble.

Badjie is not only worried about losing his job, but is also concerned that such an incident might put the school’s image into disrepute. He is of the view that the good image of ST. Georges should be maintained come what may. He wants the police to drop the said case.

Local residents were equally shocked by their grand child’s misconduct. They openly lamented about the boy’s strange conduct.

The Peace Corps Office is yet to issue a statement on the incident. The matter is being handled by the relevant authorities. But Principal Badjie don’t want the matter to reach the courts for fear of losing his job and the reputation of his school.


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