Bombshell Hits Cabinet-Jahumpa and Faye Receive the inevitable Sack!!

Justice Secretary Kebba Sanyang Redeployed-Marie Saine takes over

Abdoulie Sallah hired new Secretary for Higher Education-Johnson goes to Foreign Affairs!

By Correspondent Justice Sam Banjul.
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Jahumpa Out!!        Faye Out!!                Sanyang survives  Grey the career diplomat

A surprising cabinet reshuffle in The Gambia, left two Secretaries of State jobless. Foreign Secretary Balla Jahumpa and Sports Minister Omar Faye were fired for non performance. The two were asked to wait until vacant positions were available in the nation’s Diplomatic field. In a statement issued by the office of the President in Banjul, the government announces the appointment of Crispin Grey Johnson as the new Foreign Secretary, while Mass Axi Gaye was named as the Sports Minister Omar Faye’s successor. Mr.Gaye is also in charge of Religious Affairs, according the statement. Former sacked Health Minister Abdoulie Sallah has resurfaced again, with the government announcing his appointment as the new Secretary of State For Higher Education. Ousman Jammeh a former Permanent Secretary has been appointed as Secretary of State for Energy Affairs. The Gambian President acting on  powers conferred on him by the constitution also appointed Marie Saine-Firdaus as the country’s new Attorney General and Secretary of State For Justice. Justice Secretary Kebba Sanyang has been redeployed to the Department of State for Works. Mr.Sanyang has been tasked with the responsibility of revamping the collapsed Department of State.

The Gambian President said Ministers not living up to expectations have no place in his government. Many people here welcomed the removal of Omar Faye and Balla Jahumpa. “This is a welcomed  development. Omar Faye ought to have been fired long time ago. The President should be given tap on the back for clamping down on unproductive Ministers. Left with me alone, these people should not be rehired. They  are not qualify for rehire. I have never seen such unproductive Ministers in my life.” said an official of the Sports Ministry.

For Balla Jahumpa, government sources said the former Minister paid no attention to his Ministry. ” He comes to work drunk. He relied on his Permanent Secretary to run this Ministry. Almost all the projects in this Department have been grounded. Balla uses drugs. Unless, he departs from using narcotic drugs, he will never deliver. The President should not waste his time to give him another job. Balla has drug related issues affecting his life. He must be treated first before he contemplates taking another job.” said a staffer of the Department of State for Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, there are different reports associated with the cabinet reshuffle. One reports say the President took such a move in a bid to win public confidence into his government, while another report said the President was displeased by recent news revelation on the Freedom Newspaper regarding his cancelled Taiwan trip. ” The Department of Foreign Affairs handles his travel plans. The Secretary General too handles sensitive state files. His move was geared towards preventing leakage of information. Someone  out there is giving your paper confidential state secrets. With these new changes, the President believe  that he is secured in terms of information management.” said a Permanent Secretary at the office of the President.

Meanwhile, anxiety and worry continues to grip other cabinet Ministers. The President is reported to have vowed to weed out Ministers and other Civil Servants not delivering the goods. Balla Jahumpa’s removal will send clear warning to Speaker Fatou Jahumpa Ceesay that her days are numbered. Her own colleagues had been complaining about her incompetency and lack of respect for the House. FJC they said treats her colleagues with utter contempt as she claimed to be close to the President. In some instances, the Speaker would authorize for the use of House Funds without any formal documentation. It’s reported that some of the fuel cupons are never accounted for. She also never retires her perdium benefits each time she traveled outside the country. ” The Speaker is very corrupt. She never retires her perdiems and other expenditures she claimed to have entered in the name of the National Assembly. The police should look into this matter. It’s unfair for the Speaker to corrupt the Inspector General of Police and other Service Chiefs. She openly brags that she is a friend of the IGP.” said a local staff of the Speaker’s office.

According to the National Assembly insider” I intercepted a private communication of FJC in which she accuses the President of working on replacing her. This communication was sent out to FJC’S friend in Nigeria. I have access to her computer. She is even claimed that the President is grooming one of his tribe men to replace her.”

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