By A Staff Writer

Gambia’s secret agents have arrested Abdou Jobe former Managing Director of the country’s energy sector known as NAWEC, dependable sources told this news medium. Mr.Jobe who was recently granted bail on economic crime charges alongside with his colleague Bahoum, is now behind bars. Jobe widely known as “Ndobin” is reportedly detained at the country’s Central Prisons. While the state is refusing to disclose the reason for his arrest, reports have it that Jobe was being silence from spilling the beans regarding the recently privatized energy sector which he earlier refuses to okay when approached by some foreign investors.

Mr.Jobe’s problem with the state started when he refuses to okay the said privatization. It is gathered that the new company was owned by the country’s President Yahya Jammeh. Mr.Jammeh was alleged to have used some Lebanese, Moroccans and Gambians to run the said company on his behalf. Sources close to the Jobe family said they fear for their son’s personal safety at this hour. They told our reporter that Mr.Jobe was being closely watched by secret agents round the clock. His last arrest was hostile as he was bundled up by the arresting officers and later thrown into a truck, said sources. His family made numerous efforts to locate him without success, sources added.

Mr.Jobe who had a masters degree in electrical engineering is said to be a fearless young fellow who on numerous occasions vehemently rejected the charges brought against him by the government. He spent some couple of days in jail before been granted bail by a local court in Banjul.

His attorney Sheriff Tambadou has deplored his recent arrest in court yesterday. At a court hearing , lawyer Sheriff Tambadou told the presiding magistrate that his client was arrested by officers of the National intelligence agency. Mr.Tambadou’s demand for his client’s release was not immediately okayed by the magistrate. The state prosecutor was also not seen in court. Information before the court says the prosecutor was transferred to another jurisdiction. While the case has been adjourned, Mr.Jobe’s fate is yet to be decided. The government is denying holding him. But sources who spoke to our reporter said they were present when Jobe was being forcefully arrested.

Insiders at NAWEC said despite the privatization of the energy sector the country was still being faced with power disruption. “The people who took over NAWEC are not experienced enough to run this place. We doubt the qualifications of the new engineers. They kept on asking our local staff questions. Some resort to trouble shooting to do their work. The President made the biggest blunder by firing Jobe and Bahoum. The two were the nerve of NAWEC. He will realize this very soon.”said a management member of NAWEC who spoke on condition of anonymity.

According to sources, both Jobe and Bahoum turned down recent moves taken by the President to rehire them. This according to the source angered the President. The source said unless Jobe meet the President’s request he was likely to be continually harassed by the state. “There are so many things going on here. One, the state don’t want jobe to talk about the privatization deal. Two, they want him back but he declined the offer. Jobe’s safety is a cause for concern. The President is very angry with him. That I can tell you. He should watch his back.” added the NAWEC source.

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