The Freedom Newspaper editors were taken aback by a mail purportedly from the exiled former junta Vice Chairman Sana B Sabally, who cautioned the staffers of this leading paper to be mindful about our reportage of his past life as state servant. Sabally, in a short and terse letter addressed to the editor said “the truth is final.” He did not explain what he meant by that. Below is the unedited email of Sana Sabally. Please read on”

From:       Date: Friday, November 03, 2006 6:24 AM



In a bid to give credibility to the piece, we thought it imperative to publish verbatim Sabally’s email. Sabally is seemingly misinformed or he fails to read between the lines. The Freedom Newspaper is not aware of reporting any inaccurate story against the former Chairman at any given time. If we do, then we challenge him to set the records straight. This paper harbors no grudges against Sabally. We are merely performing our required journalistic work. The Freedom Newspaper has earned the reputation of being a medium for the voiceless and the oppressed. Despite the past atrocities associated with Sabally, this paper will not hesitate to accord him his God given right to free expression. As the saying goes”silence means guilt.” Judging from his mail, Sabally had something to hide. A man of clear conscience would have offered his side of the story rather than rambling over a straight forward issue. The mail above exposes Sabally’s weakness and lack of transparency.

We would be more than happy to hear or receive the truth Sabally is talking about at this hour. Perhaps, he is aware of something we do not know. Come on…. Sabally,share your story with us. We want to know. By this piece, we invite Sabally for an interview to clear the air. The editors of the Freedom Newspaper will give him fair treatment during the said interview. If Sabally is comfortable talking to our Dakar reporter we can still arraign for an interview. The choice is yours now Mr.Sabally. We have demonstrated beyond reasonable doubt that we are not a medium that condemns people, opposed to your erroneous and misplaced imagination. We don’t know how you came with such a conclusion. It was a figment of your own imagination. Remember that public officials have no private life. Since you served the Jammeh government at some point are bound to be investigated by the media. The constitution gives the media such powers to hold public officials accountable. We hope you know where we are driving at. Think big Sabally. You ought to know better. You are behaving like a kid. Shame on to you.

Mr.Sabally to do justice to yourself, family and loved ones, you need to answer to that damming and indicting piece. You have the moral obligation to defend yourself. Your short and scanty rejoinder will not save you from blame as it raises more questions than answers. What are you trying to hide at this hour? What on earth are you trying to pen? We understand the high cost of internet fees in Africa, but if that is the case, then drop us your phone number and we will arraign for an interview with you.

On a final note, the management of the Freedom Newspaper is here by assuring its readers including Sana B Sabally that this paper will never depart from its mission statement. The Freedom Newspaper shall continue to adhere to the highest journalistic standards at all times. We are not here to antagonize people. Ours is to report the truth and nothing but the truth. We rest our case.

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