Author:Essa Bokarr SEY.
After reading the interview you conducted with Bouba Camara,I felt glad about the contents and the perspectives expressed therein. I could not simply ignore the feelings I had after seeing through some of his critical analysis,they are great.

I do agree with Bouba particularly when one thinks about the 6% margin he compared to the 36% with reference to banking abroad and back home. However even whereas the percentages are different when one looks at the margin,the question that remains in many minds is still WHY? but not HOW? WHY? is closer to worrisome complaints whereas HOW? could be a key towards the door of innovation. Innovate! do not imitate!

There is a philosophical teaching that says..”Within the under world,everybody is a cat or a dog,because the barking is always HOW,HOW AND WHY,WHY?” Is this true in every case? Otherwise Is this teaching true or false within our given situation?

Time versus services and gains…Okay! How about that one too?

It was three decades ago when Bob Marley said…”In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty!” Lets see the following equation on time versus services or production cum gains. In essence or in simplistic terms one can say,capitalism means ownership. But is the answer all that simple? More questions! Who owns what? Or who can or should own what? With reference to reality I can say…Who controls depends on who owns and who is serving. Is a manager always an owner? Not at all. Despite the latter or some how demotivating cap,production must always hang around our necks if we want to survive. Does surviving mean living? Not at all. There are managers who live and there are owners who survive. The other way round also exists. Then who enjoys life after gaining or losing from the economics of time? This cannot be determined by measurement,it can only be determined by perception. There are analysts who say…”Life is what you make it to be!” Even whereas gains,production etc can be measured numerically,fun,joy and laughter cannot be mesaured or balanced on scales! That is where the word perception counts so much.

Sometimes we own and manage what we own. We also are expected to manage what we do not own personally.These are two different approaches coming from one source. The source is human resource which I strongly believe is a very important factor in the economics of time and gains . Economics is not only about saving pennies it can go beyond the visible to the unseen. Let say economising time without diluting production is what many are made to believe when working towards a goal. This usually is what many learn from people they are working for. Now lets revisit the ‘economics of time versus ownership and production. Realism hardly matches philosophical perspectives where onwership is based on harsh and greedy competition,however there are times when they converge. Is greed good? This is so complex a question for idealists but so easy for dedicated capitalists. They will simply reply with a loud YES! I remember when a manager I met during a meeting told me…”…It is not bad for one to be selfish…” My business voice told me yes,whereas my philosophical voice thought I was riding towards a vicious monster called selfishness! Being selfish can lead to success when one is realistic,but it can also be a path towards one’s destruction if the actor or actress concerned evapourates the essence of philosophy from his or her life.

This is should not cause confusion in any mind because it is critical thinking at the farthest. Aha! then does this mean blending is good? It is because blending means brinking different things together. This matches life because life is based on the association of various factors!

For example in life (as it is an abstract line of existence) no one single person has been allocated more than 24 hours in any given day within a year. Then lets ask ourselves how is it therefore possible for someone from this group of existing individuals be called the proprietor of a company on his or her own? Not only that! but go further down the line,then have the ability of employing others to work for him or her. Isn’t that food for thought when every person has been allocated 24 hours a day by the creator? There are phrases and words we use because they are the short cuts! We do say HARD WORK (which is true in reality but untrue philosophically).

We also talk about LUCK (which is true philosophically but untrue in reality).

Both are acceptable as end results as far as perception is concerned. However, the latter is more about comforting a soul than encouraging serious production. Words like LUCK are common in societies like ours. In other places LUCK is scienctifically interpreted as follows…”where preparation meets opportunity…” Okay! if that is the case then philosophy and realism have converged on this given portion,because opportunity means some positive gift coming from the abstract whereas preparation means getting ready as a natural being.

The latter means readiness is reality and the former means opportunity is philosophical.

Now once again the two will converge on the economics of time. For example the proprietor of a company can never live or have an extra hour added to his quota when the day ends at 24 hours! Likewise all associaites working for him or her fall within the same plan that has been designed by the creator within life. This means when time factor is multiplied by their services equals to gain or production. The unfairness in this game of existentialism then comes into play. Why because the end result is usually handed over to the owner or employer. This is where the prime recipient springs above the rest! by directly receiving the gains or products, because of a title. Ownership can be both a legal and traditional title. There are companies that have been here for the past 200 years or more. Why and how could a 30 year old or someone younger than that be called an owner of a 200 year company? Because this was inherited from past owners. Did the present owner work hard enough to preside over what he or she is mining now? No. Did he or she work hard in order to be able to maintain or manage what was inherited? Maybe not! How is the production line being maintained or managed then? By using the 24 hours of others add them to the owners, accumulate their achievements and then keep it under one umbrella. Which is usually facilitated by words like BOSS,OWNER, PROPRIETOR,and so on.

This is why organization and management are so important. When everyone is singing,no one will understand the song. When one person is singing before spectators means there is a show! When the singer and the spectators keep singing without listening to one another means there is noise within nonsense.

This is where I agree with Bouba Camara ie we as Gambians must patronise our fellow brothers and sisters so that we can achieve a lot out of the economics of time versus production and or gains. If everyone sells sandals at Banjul Albert Market then who will buy from the other. This is why the beauty of life lies on variety.We have to learn from the Latino-based performance within this country.We must learn from the Chinese-based performance from this country.We are not lazy not at all. Our problem as Gambians or Africans in the diaspora is not laziness. We are not far from progress because knowledge matters leads one towards progress and we have it. However knowledge without discipline means speed without limit. Discipline does not mean staying calm and cool,discipline is a large spectrum of colours where one has to keep all colours within one single place called character. This means our rainbows will rise above the hills as soon as all colours are put together. There something Ithink we need to know. That is, if Africa wants its voice to be respected we must respect two things ie UNITY AND PRODUCTION. Unity means stability,Production means progress!

More on this topic will be shared later on.

Africans from Africa are we here to share identities through complains? Or must we understand that being here is essential? Especially when we ready to be sharing ideas through production and effective services within and without! America prides itself with a dream! Part of the dream is ownership through caring and sharing.We in Africa know so much about caring and sharing therefore this reminds me about one wise mind who said…”In Africa traditions breed profit” I agree.

When a shop keeper or store owners stops and greets the people along the street especially in The Gambia it is likely he or she will be highly appreciated by the villagers who buy. The contrary may happen if the another shop keeper or store owner disregards these basic traditions even if the person’s store has more valuable products. I think it is now time we started conducting research towards the pattern of behaviours as far as intra-activities governing us as people is concerned and then see how we can improve the current trend. We must not imitate what obtains in China or India we have to blend ours with theirs.

I am dreaming of seeing many Bouba Camaras!

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