Breaking News:Food poisoning outbreak! Many dying due to dyscentry related illnesses!
   Suspected Food poisoning around town

By Correspondent Famara Jammeh, Banjul.
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Following heavy rains in the country, many people have fallen sick due to their stomach from either the food they eat or the water they drink, this paper can reveal. Experts have said that dyscentry is rampant due to food poisoning. At Ebo Town, many people have not felt pleased over the state of the place as water has been contaminated from the dirty water, gabbage dumps and proximity to their toilets. UNHCR, UNDP and others have declared the water at Ebo Town as not suitable for driking. This have resulted in bringing water for inhabitants in the area.

It is believed that the last death at GRTS of their journalist had just returned from his village and died probably of stomach pains, sources said. The areas around Serrekunda Market and other areas are really dirty due to the lack of inadequate vehicles to clear rubbish and the carelessness of citizens as they dump carelessly even near their houses. The newly built streets are often over flooded with dirty water due to the poor way the roads were constructed.

If nothing is done according to Muhamed Tunkara, their children would fall sick too because near their houses are all flooded with water and rubbish. Some people fear for the food poisoning not to spread all over the place. People are warned by the health department to stop exposing food they make for selling. But this may not be adhared to due to the want of money to meet the high cost of basic commodities.

Posted on Wednesday, August 29, 2007 (Archive on Monday, September 03, 2007)
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