Breaking News:Exiled Gambian soldier receives D900000-00 Check from Central Bank!

Exiled Gambian soldier Musa Drammeh, who is based in  Swiss today, emailed one of his Bank Checks he received from the Central Bank of The Gambia to the  Freedom Newspaper.  Drammeh says he wanted to prove to the Editors of this leading paper that he was close to the corridors of power in Banjul.  Drammeh  also said he was  privy to a lot of information about the Jammeh Government and would like to share it with Freedom, provided that we are ready to publish his recent letter calling for the overthrow of the APRC government. Mr.Drammeh our  editorial decision on your letter still remains the same. The Freedom Newspaper cannot be a party to any undemocratic move. Period!!!

We love Freedom and that’s why we came with the Domain Name Freedom Newspaper. We believe in democratic change of government and not through forceful means. We understand your frustrations, but let give chance to our ailing democratic process. We all want to see the end of Jammeh’s government, but as a responsible paper, we cannot support such anti democratic moves.  If you are truly interested about exposing the leadership back home, you should volunteer whatever vital information you have at hand. You reserve the right to withhold the said information or share it with our dear readership.

Mr. Drammeh was among the injured soldiers when the Central Bank of The Gambia was attacked few years ago by unknown gun men. That we  can  attest to. While this Editor was working with a sister paper here in the United States, Drammeh used to write opinion pieces. The Freedom Newspaper would be more than willing to publish stories regarding atrocities committed by Jammeh and his henchmen. We are also interested about corruption, discrimination and right abuses stories. Our doors are open to soldier Drammeh and any other Gambian for that matter.  We must hasten to add that this paper will not entertain calls for a coup against the APRC, despite our strong opposition against some of the undemocratic happenings back home. Democracy cannot be traded with violence. Violence is not the answer to a country’s political predicaments.

Soldiers like Musa Drammeh should tell us their  own story. Force is not the answer to a country’s problem. Let use our intellect and chart way forward for the future of this beloved country, we call the Gambia.  We have seen the economic and political woes perpetrated by these “Kaki boys” calling themselves “soldiers” with a difference. The participation of the military into Africa’s active politics only brought untold hardship and instability on the continent. From 1994 to date, the Gambia had witnessed more than 10 failed coup attempts. The army is not a solution to our political problems. They should confine themselves into the barracks.

As rightly stated by the late Captain Thomas Sankara” A soldier without political education is virtually a common criminal.” We are faced by such a situation in today’s Gambia. Those in charge of state affairs, have little or no knowledge about basic governance and modern politics. Call them political novice you make no mistake. Call them bandits hiding in the name of governance to cause economic crimes you make no mistake. The coming of the military in July of 1994, was a curse for the Gambia and her people. No serious development projects are currently put  in place. Life expectancy for the country is declining dramatically. Calling the economy sick is an  understatement. Hundreds of people perished from the hands of  the blood thirsty dictatorship. No jobs for the impoverished citizens. Thousands of Gambians have left the country as a result of the unstable political climate. All these, could be attributable to bad governance.

Our good friend Musa Drammeh should supply us with whatever information he had  to expose the dictatorship. Information is power. The pen is more powerful than the sword. Let exhaust the democratic means for the sake of democracy. Coups retard development in Africa-most importantly our own backyard the Gambia. Making such calls while in Abroad, would not help the Gambian situation. Actions speak louder than words!!!

Since you have given us the permission to publish this check your received from the Central Bank of The Gambia, we have no alternative but to publish it.  Gambians are interested to know how  you managed to receive such an huge amount of money from the Central Bank. If it was a  compensation you received for the injury you suffered during the bank attack, please let us know. You must be very rich. Our soldiers got money, you know…. I hope you got your money through  the right way and not like thief Ebou Jallow who fled with our  nation’s treasury coffers.  We need explanation Drammeh. Feel free to email or call us if you are ready to expose the leadership through democratic means. This paper would only support democratic actions and not otherwise. We thank you for your attention.

Pa Nderry M’Bai,
Managing Editor/Publisher
Freedom Newspaper,
Raleigh, NC,

Posted on Sunday, July 29, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, August 28, 2007)
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