Breaking News:Ex-Speaker Blinda Bidwell Dies!!
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The death of Blinda Bidwell, former Speaker of Gambia’s Parliament has been announced. The news on  Bidwell death reaches the Freedom Newspaper late Saturday evening. The former Speaker who was fired recently met her unfortunate demise after a brief illness. Efforts were being made to bury her remains, according to sources reaching this paper.

The late Blinda Bidwell was born and raised in Banjul. Her death has sent shocking waves across the country. It has been a difficult moment for the Ruling APRC. Two of its former servants,  former Deputy Inspector General police Ousman Sanneh  and Jammeh’s own right hand Captain Tumbul Tamba died recently under mysterious circumstances. Now the news on Speaker Didwell has hit the nation.

Family members who commented on Ms Bidwell’s untimely demise expressed shock and surprise over the development.
According to them, the deceased was not afflicted with any life-threatening disease.

“She only got struck by a heart attack as she prepared for her visit to the United States. It came to us all as a big surprise. We can’t still believe it,” lamented a family member.
Mrs Bidwell was appointed to the pretigious position of Speaker of the House following the unceremonious exit of her predecessor, Sheriff Mustapha Dibba.She was however replaced by Madam Fatoumatta Jahumpa-Ceesay following the 2006 legislative elections.

Freedom Newspaper, Banjul Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie also contributed to  the story.

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