Breaking News:EX MFDC Warlord says President Jammeh supply them with rice and oil!
By Our Western Division Correspondent Wise Man
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With widespread reports that he had been backing the MFDC fighters in the Southern Province of Casamanace, Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh has been described as the only leader who had a solution to the decade long war in Casamance. As fighting intensified in the Senegalese Region of Casamance Edrissa Jarju  a  former MFDC rebel and now a refugees residing in Brikama santo-su, also a onetime  loyalist of   rebel leader Salifu Sarjo said he believed that it is only President Jammeh who can end the Casamance crisis, citing the Gambian leader’s close ties with the rebel Movement. Jarju said President Jammeh and Salifu Sajo were good friends and often collaborate on issues relating to Casamance quest for Independence.

Speaking to Freedom Newspaper Edrissa Jarju said he had been  a rebel for five years, but has now realized that it pays nothing but killing of innocent people and taking their valuable materials in the name of securing independence for Cassamance. Former warlord Jarju said his colleagues quest for Casamance’s independence through the use of arms and destruction of public property  would never materialized.  He expressed regrets for participating in such senseless arm resurrection against the defenseless Casamance inhabitants.

Jarju said he resignation from the MFDC followed bad dream he had in the past, characterized by sleepless nights. “I then told my senior man Malick jarju that I want to resign, I was then reported to the main man Salifu Sarjo who ordered that they should kill me or lock me up. Before I got the news from them, one of my  rebel friend told me at our base about the MFDC plans to kill me. I  then fled  to the  Gambia” he said.

When Asked  as to how he knew that Salifu Sarjo had good ties with  President Jammeh  the former rebel said “Salifu s Sarjo always visit President jammeh at kanilai when he needs him.  Jammeh always supply us with food like rice and Oil.”

When further asked if the rebel knew that you he was  hiding in the Gambia, Jarju remarked” Here is not Cassamance. This is the Gambia  and besides  I’m a “refugee.”

Speaking to other refugees from cCassmance Tapha Sanneh and Kebba Colley, both from Casamance, said they always get surprise attacks from the faction of Salif Sarjo’s MFDC, against what they described as a government backed armed faction. They claimed that Salif Sarjo’s troops pinned down the other armed faction less than a kilometer  from The Gambian border, that  was why many refugees were fleeing   into the Gambia.

According to them, the majority of the refugees were living in the border villages but had to move into the interior of The Gambia and to settle where their relatives resided  because they felt insecure; that many of them are scattered in the Fonis and Brikama areas. They said that a good number of them headed for Jilemer and Oupat in Foni Bintang, and Jalokoto and Somita in Foni Brefet and in Brikama, Santo-su, Gidda and Serekunding. The other areas in Brikama admistrative area are Serekunding, Marakissa, Dasilamia, and Dimbaya. Correspondent Wise Man interviewed these people thanks to his journalistic experience. He was told that some of them have risked their lives to sneak back to Casamance to collect their livestock and foodstuff. The fleeing Gambians are from the border villages Bugofinge and Janaquel in Foni Bintang. Many people in the area are experiencing sleepless nights from the sound of heavy gunshots  being fired across the border, which they say “shake their houses.” The Casamance refugees are from Nyambolong, Gunia, Majaytam and Kabunkut, all of which are border villages.

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