Breaking News:Don’t Allow to Be Used-Jammeh Tells Soldiers!
By Landing Badjie, Our National Correspondent

Don’t Allow to Be Used-Jammeh Tells Soldiers

President Yaya Jammeh has said that there is no democracy in the army and
that anyone who allows himself to be used by any force to commit a mischief
would pay a price. Though, Mr Jammeh fell short of elaborating on what kind
of punishment awaits the ‘mischief makers’, he was emphatic that loyalty to
the nation and obedience to lawful command must be the guiding principles of
every soldier and officer and those would not be compromised at any cost.
He was this afternoon addressing over 500 recruits of the intake 28 A,B and
C respectively of the Gambia Armed Forces.
According to Dr. Jammeh, people join the army for various reasons but that
democrats should know that there is no democracy in the army.” If you are a
democrat, then army is not for you. Beware that some people would like to
use you for their interest but if you use a stick to poke a fire, the stick
burns first,” he informed the recruit at a colourful ceremony at the July 22
Square in Banjul.
He said he is a friend of the army and would be always behind them in all
their operations.
But Jammeh’s statement was contrary to the CDS Lang Tombong Tamba’s who
earlier on told the recruits that the army has a great role to play in
fostering the country’s democratic health. He advised them to adopt and
practice the best ethical conduct, emphasising that the military should be
seen as defenders and not offenders.

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