Jammeh wants    AMS Jagne!!   SOS Sanyang    Jammeh plans exposed
FJ Manneh jailed
for years!!!

By Staff Writer Justice Sam, Banjul.
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Banjul-The Gambia:The Gambian National Intelligence Agency the (NIA) has issued a list of perceived political dissidents to be arrested and prosecuted once they are spotted within  the country’s frontiers, according to a leak document intercepted by the Freedom Newspaper. Those on the list includes exiled journalists, political activists, soldier dissidents and human rights activists residing abroad. The NIA document hatched sinister plans against these unnamed Gambians who are lined up to be arrested and prosecuted, as obtained in the case of political activist Fatou Jaw Manneh. Editorial staffers of the Freedom Newspaper toped the said list, according to the  top NIA source who provided the list of Gambians currently declared wanted to this paper. If the said list is released online, there is bound to be shake up at the agency. The NIA wanted file has been circulated to major Ports of entry within the country. “Gambians perceived to be critical of President Jammeh’s government are being advised to stay away from visiting the Gambia or getting closer to a second country. The government wants to set drastic example against its critics. The President personally ordered the Inspector General of police to file charges against Fatou Jaw Manneh. His intention is to have her jailed for years. This I can tell you. He has total control of the judiciary and the outcome of the case should not come as a surprise to Gambians and friends of the Gambia. Jammeh is angry against the West and careless about how they view him at this hour. He is determined to jail Fatou Jaw Manneh.”said the NIA insider.

According to the NIA declassified intelligence report, the list of Gambians declared wanted was facilitated thanks to the support of  some Gambians Missions abroad who had been keenly following the activities of the perceived dissidents both online and social gatherings. “ Even if you are a naturalized Gambian US Citizen, or Permanent Resident or Gambian British Subject, that would not stop President Jammeh from doing what he is doing. He’s very angry with his critics. My advise for Gambians overseas is to stay away from this country. Coming into this country, means doing it at one’s own risk. The arrest and trial of perceived dissidents would continue. The NIA has documented tapes of past demonstrations organized by Gambians in the UK and America. They also have in their possession critical commentaries and interviews published by online papers. That I can tell you.” said our source.

The NIA officer who witnessed the interrogation of Fatou Jaw Manneh said many names of Gambian perceived dissidents emerged at the interrogation sessions. “ Some of you might not make it if arrested. You are likely to be eliminated or tortured to death while in jail. As a matter of fact, the government dispatches our agents to Dakar to routinely monitor the activities of refugees in that country. I will not advise any of you to visit Dakar because the President might use his agents to harm you or secretly abduct you.” said our source.

The Freedom Newspaper has been briefed about the President’s plans to jail Fatou Jaw Manneh in a bid to scare his critics. ”The Presiding Magistrate Buba Jawo reports directly to  the Attorney General Kebba Sanyang who in turn updates President Jammeh about developments. If  I should mention certain stuffs here-they will figure out my identity which could cost me my job and possibly my life. Go ahead and publish these preliminary details hatched by the government against perceived dissidents. The government has recruited agents everywhere to spy on you guys. Be vigilant.” said the NIA top official.

According to our loyal source, the government of the Gambia believes that its critics were partly responsible for the country’s lack of donor and investors. “ The President thought that some of the stories you published online undermines his projects. That the donor community have given their back against the country. He is very upset and is poised to avenge his hatred he harbored against some you on Fatou Jaw Manneh’s case. He has been keenly following the trial and his intention is to jail the woman.” continued our source.

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