Breaking News:Deportee Sheriff Bojang jr.In Casamance! Bojang called Freedom!
Deportee Gambian journalist Sheriff Bojang jr. is currently in Casamance, as he fears  for his life and personal safety in the Gambia, a country he was forcefully deported to by the British authourities, the Freedom Newspaper can authouritatively report. Mr.Bojang took on to his hells, as soon as he was released by the feared National Intelligence Agency (NIA)  to go home and report in their offices the next day. He spent few minutes at his Brikama family home before crossing The Gambia/Casamance border Monday morning, according to information reaching this paper. Mr.Bojang who had his asylum case denied by the British Home Office, was deported to the Gambia this past Sunday, where he was received by hostile security operatives from the NIA. Late Tuesday evening Mr.Bojang telephoned the Freedom Newspaper to announce about his safe exist from the Gambia. Bojang says he was speaking from Casamance and asked the person who received his call to ask the paper’s Managing Editor Pa Nderry M’Bai to return his call. We tried to reach Mr.Bojang, but he  was unreachable at the material time. But sources in the Gambia confirmed his departure from the country.

Bojang earlier told the Freedom Newspaper that he now felt safe, since he left the Gambian frontiers peacefully. Bojang,  a former Daily Observer reporter, is running for his life. He has always entertain the belief that his presence in the Gambia might cost him his life. Despite his fear for official persecution, the British government never taken his asylum claim seriously. Bojang was bundled up and given a one way ticket to the Gambia, a country reputed to be a risky place for independent journalists. Mr.Bojang had promised to get back to the Freedom Newspaper later on Today. The journalist has a lot to expose now that he had escaped from the hands of Jammeh’s trigger happy “hit men.”

Sources close to the State House  said the journalist risked being killed if he dares stay in the country. State House sources say The Gambian President Yahya Jammeh was pleased with the news on Bojang’s deportation and had even dispatched his state house camera man to secretly video Sheriff Bojang junior on arrival at the Banjul airport. The NIA  were present when Bojang was being taped. No reason was advanced for such a move, but sources say the President had been on  jubilant mood these days.

It’s gathered the President himself ordered the NIA to let journalist go home and be reinvited for further questioning later on. President Jammeh we gathered decided to release the journalist in a bid to prove skeptics wrong, but sources say the Gambian leader had special interest in Sheriff Bojang’s case.

It’s not yet clear what would be the fate of the NIA officers who handled Bojang’s case file. What’s evident is that Mr.Bojang has left the Gambia. This paper will keep you posted with developments. We intend to interview Mr.Bojang once he settles down. Stay tuned.

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Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 (Archive on Friday, April 27, 2007)
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