By    Baati Jollof

As the rambling and incoherent movements resurfaced once again within the echelons of the civil service, so also has information started to reflow again within its most useful conduits, which has for some time been partially starved by such ill-advised movements coupled with the movements of some incompetent floating permanent secretaries, whose only task presently is to spy on the cream of the civil service and to damage them once and for all for their own selfish interest. As the very oil that lubricates the very wheels of the machinery that makes the civil service function, we know that it is apparent that we can only be starved form information temporarily but not permanently, for on to us lies the burden the moves the civil service.
Countrymen and Countrywomen, some serious and terrific shock awaits us as a nation, should the kangaroo constituted court martial come to an end. It has become evident that the treason  trial process has been carefully designed by Yahya Jammeh  with the help of the former incompetent Justice Secretary of State, Sheikh Tijan Hydara. Since April 2006, Yahya had lured the former Justice Minister into numerous secret after office hours meetings wherein Yahya categorically and in his crude manner told Hydara that he should ensure without any form of failure that all the “black listed” soldiers and civilians involved in the coup attempt are tired and found guilty.
Hydara, who from that instant knew that the task before him was not an easy one suggested that there, needs to be compelling evidence to implicate the alleged coupists.    Thus, the advent of the brutal and inhumane torture sessions, which today have paralyzed and handicapped some of the country’s finest officers.  There is also a conspiracy theory, employed by the NIA, through the advice of the former justice SOS, to bring in “ghost witnesses” who will be prepared to give evidence against the alleged plotters. It was emphasized that such devilish witnesses should comprise both soldiers and civilians, in order to balance the equation.  Let me add that through their scheming, they have already tried the alleged coupists on the media after torturing them half dead and forcing them to implicate themselves on national television. Those officers that have refused to appear before the television camera and read statements that were prepared by the callous cabals were brutally dealt with through horrific electrical shocks, massive whipping with electric wires and the piercing of their bodies with red hot metals and bayonets.
The swift movement of the treason trail of the soldiers from the civil court to a court martial at the military barracks  was in Hydara’s mind one major way to accomplish his master’s wishes, not knowing that Yahya had other more surprises for  him.  In constituting the idea of the court martial, Hydara had summoned Justice Agim and the Director of Public Prosecution, Emmanuel Fagbenle in discreet meetings at isolated locations   and told them outright what the president wants from this case. These crafty and inhumane outfits, who for the past few years are only interested in the fortunes that they can milk out of our corrupt government, quickly see this as another money making venture, irrespective of the fact that they were going to waste human lives.  Similarly Hydara had also worked hand in glove with Lang Tombong Tamba and IGP Sonko in identifying a team of security office that will be part of the prosecution and defence teams. These officers had been briefed on numerous occasions and they know exactly what there roles are.
Countrymen and Countrywomen, the court martial that we are witnessing today, is nothing but a drama that was designed and orchestrated by the devil Yahya and his advocates. The whole process is a facade, a mirage, a smoke screen that is meant to convince some of the public that justice has taken its course. The Alleged coupist have already been sentenced to death by yahya Jammeh when he mentioned publicly that he will set a drastic example that will end all this treacherous attempts and betrayal to his government. The execution of these officers will no doubt herald a new dawn in our political history.
With the court martial in motion, and the scenes and plots rolling one after the other in harmony, Hydara thought that he had finally got everything right. However, he was rudely shocked by Yahya in August when he was asked about the possibility of masterminding a scheme that will pave the way for the execution of the alleged coupists once they are found guilty, without the right for them to appeal.  Yahya as crude and callous as he is has hinted that once found guilty, the coupists should be executed within 48 hours. Hydara this time around, could not just phantom the mystic verses that his master has recited. This is what eventually led to his ousting from the newly formed cabinet.
Now that magistrate Sanyang has taken the position of SOS for justice, please be rest assured that Hydara’s unfinished task awaits you. Are you ready to stick your neck out so that you will illegally deny the alleged coupists their fundamental rights to appeal, so that they will be speedily executed by the ferocious regime, which you now serve?  Mr. Sanyang at one point in time people have seen you as a magistrate you adhere to the dictates of the law, most especially when you denounced the corrupt practices of the Wolf, Magistrate King. Your recent letter to the President, which was also copied to the Chief justice, labelling the Judicial Secretary, Ngui Mboob as incompetent and corrupt has also won you many accolades amongst the members of the judiciary, at least for the courage you have taken in exposing Ngui Mboob, who has been awarding contracts to her husband, while at the same time taking some serious undercuts in the projects that are under the judiciary.
History is poised to judge you Mr. Sanyang as you climb to the highest justice seat in the country. Your predecessor Sheikh Tijan Hydara, was highly corrupt and incompetent and hence sacked twice and disgraced, and there is a possibility that he can be jailed if he opens his mouth. Pap Cheyassin was also sacked and disgraced because he was corrupt. Remember, he masterminded the infamous “Indemnity Bill” that freed those who murdered our children on April 10 and 11 including Ousman Badjie and Isatou Njie Saidy. Fatou Bom Bensouda was sacked and disgraced because she was branded a liar by the regime. Remember, she feed the regime with lies to undermine Hawa Ceesay Sabally.
Hawa Ceesay Sabally on the other hand  stood to her principles and was sacked but never disgraced. The majority in the judiciary, including you still hold her in high esteem. Hence, be prepared to dance to the whims and caprices of Yahya to help execute our gallant sons, or be ready and bold to speak the truth and be sacked. I do not see you lasting long in that position, if you are still the Kebba Sanyang that we know.
I look around in between us and I wept for my country. For when the tables turn the reprisals will be very bad.
Long live the peaceful people of The Gambia. May the Almighty Allah deliver us from the fangs of the devil.  May he lead us through this transition in HIS own way.  May those who plan disaster for our country be doomed before they execute their actions. May Musa Jammeh, Tumul Tamba, Lang Tombong Tamba, Bombardeh and their team of torturers fall before our very eyes.
History will only vindicate the JUST.
Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2006 (Archive on Wednesday, November 22, 2006)
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