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By Col. Sam Sarr Col. Sam Sarr

Open Letter To Colonel Sam Sarr! Freedom Editors concerned by Lamarana’s damning and………

Dear Editor,

Is this all a joke? You don’t really think I am going to dignify these funny guy’s allegations presented in the name of Lamarana Jallow, do you? Mixing facts with tales wasn’t intelligently done this time. And I just don’t want waste my time with arguing with people I know nothing about, especially those who appear like clinical nuts. To be frank with you I don’t think any Gambian anywhere at home or abroad claiming to know so much about me exist in that name. But I would task you with this-if Lamarana Jallow could be clearly identified by profession, background, address or anything that can convince me that he actually exist or could be identified by one or two Gambians I know, then I may perhaps consider a rejoinder to his story. Otherwise, consider it dismissed as irrelevant to me. The guy writes and sounds like a clown. Let’s laugh over it and carry on.
Editors note: Mr. Sarr thanks for speaking out. Ours is not to expose our sources. Unless Lamarana gives us the green light to name him, we are not at liberty to disclose his identity. Our stance is based on pure journalistic reasons. As journalists, we are required to protect our sources and  not to put their lives in jeopardy. What is relevant here is the magnitude of the allegations brought against you. Period!!! You seem to be very concerned at this hour about the author’s identity.  Who said what and where the information is coming from. You have good cause to do so, in view of the writer’s anonymity. What bothers many Gambians is the gravity of the allegations. Putting  the writer’s identity aside, it is our firm belief that allegations of such nature should  not be left unchallenged. Brother Sam, your terse and scanty piece would only raise more questions than answers. Please answer to Lamarana’s allegations in the interest of preserving your integrity. Assuming that Lamarana’s  piece was inaccurate as you alluded to, what is the true story then? How would you react to his torture, persecution, killing and trial by media allegations? How about your beef with Baboucarr Jatta?

We are according you the opportunity to clear your image as these allegations are bound to hunt you if not countered. Gambians want to know the true coin of the story. We are not saying that you are guilty of any offence. All what we need  to hear is your side of the story. Don’t be over carried by your emotions to ignore such wild accusations.

If you  can  respond to Mathew Jallow, Yero Jallow of the Gainako and one Sheriff who never signed his full name on the Gainako Newspaper what is stopping you from  responding  to Lamarana who provided his first and last name. Sam there is something fishy here. Please allay our fears before people would pass judgments.

Frankly speaking, Lamarana’s identity is irrelevant in this matter. How comes  Sam Sarr was using the pen name Ebou Colley over the years on the Gambia L and expect people to take his writings seriously? Are you insinuating that all what Ebou Colley reported were lies and fabrications? Where does the credibility issue he is  trying to raise about Lamarana’s true identity stands?  If some people can believe in  Ebou Colley’s past dossiers against Sana Sabally, why not Lamarana Jallow? This is just a mere observation for the benefit our readers.

Sam should be the last person to question about people’s identities as he had been using pen name over the years. His statement tells a lot about the type of person he is. From our own understanding, Sarr is saying that writers with pen name should not be taken seriously? His statement seems to give credence to Lamarana’s allegations that his past pieces were deceptive. How would Sam defend this?

Finally, Mr.Sarr needs to reevaluate his statement. It’s not helping him at all.  Please defend  Lamarana’s allegations. Thanks for your attention.

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