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By Our Chief National Correspondent Landing Badjie, Banjul. Paid For And Commissioned by the Freedom Newspaper.

Following the crumbling of his marriage in questionable circumstances, Daddy Adams, a resident of Fajara, is determined to reverse the situation. Mr. Adams told a Cadi court on Thursday that his wife had contracted a second marriage with a certain Secretary of State in President Jammeh’s cabinet in the person Sheik Omar Faye, when according to the aggrieved-husband the initial marriage was intact. Mr. Adams now wakes up a worried man, as the youths, Sports and Religious Minister has hijacked his matrimonial home. He walks through the streets in sadness, and lives with frustration. He is pursuing the case with doggedness. He is expecting both the executive arm of government and the judiciary to wipe off tears from his battered face and his case is now taken to the doorsteps of Abdou Karim Savage, the Chief Justice of the Republic. In a rare move, the Chief Justice who is well verse in Islamic Sharia law, is expected to make a decision on the controversial case involving a Gambian Minister on active duty. The Cadi court in Kanifing was on Thursday filled to the rafters as multitudes of people thronged the courtroom to witness the high-profile case. But the case could not be heard when the defendant, Ndey Njie, went into the Cadi’s chambers and when she emerged, it was announced that the case was not for public consumption. According to information that leaked to this paper, Ndey Njie had, during the Thursday proceeding, produced a marriage certificate, indicating that she was legally married to SoS Sheikh Omar Faye. However, due to the complexity of the matter, the Cadi court could not proceed with it and has now transferred it to the Chief Justice for redress. Under Sharia law, it’s wrong for the embattled Minister to snatch a legally married wife from her matrimonial home. In other countries, where Sharia is practiced, both the accused wife and her new husband risked facing severe punishment if convicted by a competent Sharia law court. In the case of the Gambia, Sharia law is not enforced on its totality. This is due to the nation’s religious settings. The Gambia is a secular state, where there are different religious denominations. Muslims formed half of the population. The Islamic court which tried to enforce Sharia law partly on its decision, don’t have the jurisdiction to try non Muslims. The plaintiff Daddy Adams, has instructed his lawyer Ida Drammeh to fight the said case for him in the Gambian courts. He wants a declaration that the said marriage between Ndey Njie and Sports Minister Omar Faye be declared null and void. Adams also wants the court to revoke the said marriage, which he earlier argued in a court deposition was done under false pretense, with his former wife trying to hide her marital status from the Minister. But Ndey Njie has insisted that her marriage with Omar Faye was legitimate and was documented by the courts. The plaintiff Adams, is asking the court to revoke the title deed, which was transferred in the name of Ndey Njie’s daughter, without his expressed permission. If Mr. Adams succeeds in revoking the said marriage and that of his property transfer papers, which was allegedly transferred illegally, the Gambian Minister has no option but to let the woman go. So far there are no court records indicating that Mr. Adams had divorced his wife. Ms.Njie’s purported marriage certificate with Omar Faye is raising doubts in the eyes of legal minds here. Many thought that the said marriage certificate was obtained after the case was filed against the embattled supposedly Faye’s new wife. Elders who signed the said marriage certificate are likely to be summoned by the Chief Justice for testimony. Court staffers also have questions to answer, as far as the reliability of the said document was concerned. The defendant and Minister Faye must proved that the document emanated from a proper custody and was never falsified. Due to poor pay and growing corruption in the impoverished West African country, it’s easy to obtain a marriage certificate in the Gambia. One don’t need to be physically present in the country to obtain a marriage or divorce certificate. All what one needs to do is to wire or present couple of hundreds of dalasis to local court staff to expedite such transactions. ” A court staff was sentenced for such practices in the Gambia. The judiciary is corrupt. If you have money, you can obtain any document from our courts. Some court staff would go extra-miles impersonating the Chief Justice in their dubious get rick quick schemes. Obtaining a marriage certificate is no enough proof for the legality of the said marriage. The Chief Justice or any other judge hearing the case must be convinced that documents presented before the court-be it from the plaintiff or the defendant are reliable. That I can tell you. Our courts are becoming a mess.” said the legal luminary who wished not to be named. If the plaintiff succeeds in establishing that the purported marriage certificate between Ndey Njie and Omar Fye was obtained under false pretense, the Chief Justice can recommend for criminal charges to be brought against the new couples. The CJ can also order for the arrest and prosecution of the court staff implicated on the alleged scheme. Since the beginning of the marital scandal, Minister Fye has been playing a low profile. He has refrained from commenting on the matter. The former army Major who parades himself as a “religious saint” was entrusted with the portfolio of Religious Affairs due to his past Islamic activities. Fye has been presiding over many “Diaaras” in Banjul, Atlanta, Georgia and across the United States in the past. News of his alleged sexual misconduct has eroded the trust and confidence reposed on him by his Muslim brothers and Sisters. Some of his cabinet colleagues are even questioning at this hour, if Faye was qualified enough to man the said Ministry, in view of what they called the “gravity of the crime” he was accused of. President Jammeh who sacks must of his Ministers by surprise is yet to make a decision on Omar Faye’s case. Faye is said to be increasingly worried about his fate, according to sources close his family. These sources have revealed moves taken by Minister Faye to hire some Marabouts to recite the holly book called “Carmel” for him. The idea they said, was intended to save Faye from being removed and also evil forces who Faye accused of undermining him. A source who witnessed the Islamic recitations said the Islamic elders have prayed to God to prevail on President Jammeh so that he can keep Faye in his government and also to make an end into the said marital scandal. Mr. Faye, who was on self imposed exile, later teamed up with the Jammeh regime, a government he opposed in the past. Desperate and frustrated Faye has since been singing the praises of the President in a bid to earn a living. Married with three wives, Omar Fye has today found himself at a center of marital dispute controversy. All rights reserved. Copying or re-writing our pieces without the expressed permission of this leading paper is prohibited. News Organizations and Research institutions interested in using our pieces are free to contact the editor before culling our stories. Such organizations must also give credit to Freedom before using our materials. We thank you for your attention. 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