Breaking News:British National Michael Scales Gave a Vivid Account about what happened on April 10!

By Michael Scales,  United Kingdom
Citizen and Honary Citizen of Gunjur.

Today, the 10th April 2007, is the 7th aniversary of the my fellowship with The Gambian People.A day shared with the brutal massacur of the innocent lives of  children.It has also given the significance , credibility and unassailable reason for my small but genuine contributions to The Children of The Nation. Though this is a somber and deeply private and sensitive occaision,…this  occaision  carries deep and indelable wounds to the hearts and minds of the Nation.I would very respectfully like to give an abbreviated eye witness account of what i saw…The day started like any other.In my small but comfortable suite at The Francisco Hotel,off Kairaba Avenue,I arrose and recall my awakening being interupted by a clumbsy encounter with my toe and the wooden bed.Uttering obsenities, at the sharp but brief pain eminating from my big toe i climbed into the shower to sooth the hurt.

After a brief but enjoyable breakfast in the open air next to the pond inhabbited by exotic fish and frogs,I left the Hotel with my Gambian wife by yellow taxi to attend a meeting with The Honourable Mayor of Banjul.On leaving the Hotel turning right into Kairaba Avenue..i could see smoke in the distance ,eminating from the proximity of The American Embassy. Suddenly,i espied an open back lorry comming towards us at great speed.As it ran by us,blood splattered the windows of our taxi.I turned and followed the vehicle with my eyes through the rear window of our cab.I plainly saw a young lad in a white shirt laying motionless on the back of the lorry.His white shirt overtaken by blood.He was surrounded by soldiers who were battering his head with the butts of there rifles.I recount in my records to the British Government that I doubt if this young man would have survived .

At the insistance of my wife ,our taxi driver left the main highway and made its way through the sandy but bumpy back lanes,finally reaching my mother in laws compound.There we furiously banged on the iron gates and were allowed in.All arround was the sound of rifle fire and comotion which went on for endless hours.Inside the house of this devoted Christian family ,prayers were constantly offered for our deliverance.I recall we were joined by my wife’s eldest brother who was distraught and tearful.He exclaimed that they had killed his friend and colleage,Omar Barrow,a fellow journalist.I held him in my arms briefly ,but he was unconsolable.
At 10 minutes to 3 pm,my wife insisted that we attend a prearranged appointment with her Uncle,a noted and respected buisnessman.I showed dissent and was immediately branded a coward.I would suspect there was some justification in her view ,but in my defence i would prefer to use the description…that I was in deep shock and traumer.However,under such a fierce challenge we walked the short distance to the office.Crossing the main road ,we came between a barricade on the left and the military on the right who were exchanging missiles.
My wife screamed White man ! White Man ! at which the fireing stopped and we were allowed through.On passing the barricade.I saw a line of police and military on one side with rifles and a barricade manned by young boys and girls brandishing stones and we passed…a young student holding a machet spoke softly to me.
He said im sorry about the comotion and i trust we have not inconvienienced you.I nodded and said thankyou.This still draws tears from my eyes after all this time.
At 10pm following an announcement on the radio advising all Europeans to collect at The Atlantic Hotel In Banjul…we made our way there by friends car.At the Denton Bridge we were stopped by a patrol.It was pitch black.My window was open.Suddenly out of the darkness a torch was shon into the car.A machine gun came through my window and settled 3 inches from the end of my nose.The torchlight revealed a perspireing soldier about 18 inches from me.I could smell his fear .He was being challenged by my pregnant wife who was screaming White Man ! White Man ! He was screaming back in Gambian .At that point i felt my head was about to be liquidised in a discharge from this frightened soldiers weapon.Out of the gloom came a Sergeant wearing an Australian type desert hat.He was very disciplined and calm.He screamed at the soldier,who saluted and ran a way.The Sergeant appologised and bid us safe journey.He said the road ahead was secure,sorry to inconvienience you.Enjoy your evening.I was later given an account by my Mother in Law who described how children had been brought into her office at Banjul City Council badly mutilated and dying.I was informed by my Brother in Law later, that infact 13 children were dead, one a baby of 6 months killed by a richocheting bullet and many many more were severly injured mutilated and beaten. Omar Barrow left a small child and a grieving wife.
I think at this time it would be improper for me to comment further.This account which has greater detail to its substance, is a matter of record with The British Government.
May i …on behalf of all freedom loving people of The United Kingdom express my deepest sympathy to the victims and their families at this painful hour and reconfirm my undyeing committment to the future and welfare of all Gambian Children,no matter of their faith,religion or creed.  So help me God.    Amen.
Michael Scales  United Kingdom Citizen and Honary Citizen of Gunjur.

Editors note.Mr.Scales says he was in the Gambia for only three days at the material time and had given a statement in the form of  a deposition to her Majesties Government through the offices of Trade Partners U.K. That the machine gun aimed at his head was indeed a Kalashnikov AK 47. A gun of 3/4 lenth with a metal rod on its short barrel, with a large sight atits top and a large forward curving magazine, said Mr.Scales. We thank Mr.Scales for such a master piece. April 10 was Gambia’s darkest day.

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