Breaking News:Brikama Water crisis-NIA arrest Jobe Dumbuya- Detective Bojang searches for Reporter Wise Man!
By Our Western  Division Correspondent Wise Man
Paid For and Commissioned by the Freedom Newspaper.

Following his open opposition to a government planned move to impose water bill charges to the inhabitants of Brikama, Jobe Dumbuya is paying for the price, as he was picked up by officers of the National Intelligence Agency, the (NIA). Dumbuya who criticized President Yahya Jammeh for failing to live up to his early coup promises to end Brikama’s water crisis is currently serving as a guest at the NIA torture chambers in Banjul, the Freedom Newspaper can authoritatively report.  Dubumbya’s arrest followed a heated meeting in Brikama, where Area Council officials announced their decision to impose water bills in Brikama. The meeting which nearly ended in stalemate attracted the presence of town heads and local government officials. Mr.Dumbuya was picked up at his Brikama residence by NIA operatives and later whisked away to their offices for interrogation.

Prior to his arrest, Mr.Dumbuya had a beef with Chief  Santang Bojang who complained about his comportment at the meeting. Bojang at some point even asked Mr.Dumbuya to shut up or risked being ejected from the meeting ground. Dumbuya was still adamant to make his voice heard. He branded President Jammeh as a betrayer who departed from all his coup promises to the Gambian public-most importantly the native of Brikama who according to Dumbuya were marginalized during the first Republic. Dumbuya then cited the 1994 water riots in Brikama, which  he said “Jammeh claimed was one of the reasons for the coup.” He says for Jammeh to turn around and impose water bill charges against the people of Brikama was the height of hypocrisy and dishonesty on the side of the leadership.

Meanwhile, the Gambian security forces have raided the “Dunjon Vou” of  Brikama. They accused the youths of supplying “damaging information” to the US based Freedom Newspaper. Hardly a day passes without the police raiding the said vou. Our Western Division Correspondent Wise Man is also currently being trailed by detective Inspector Landing Bojang. Mr.Bojang who worked at the Serre-Kunda police  serious crime unit is the son of Chief Santang Bojang. He arrived at the Brikama police station with the news that he got instruction for the immediate arrest and detention of Wise Man if seen. Detective Bojang told his colleagues that Wise Man was one of the staffers of the Freedom Newspaper and his reports were causing harm to the government The detective also said Wise Man lives in Brikama and should be arrested without delay. He and other team of detectives are currently launching an investigations about the whereabouts of Wise Man. Our Western Division main man is resolute and committed to his work. He has from being scared.

Reacting to the story Correspondent Wise Man said” I’m aware of their secret operations to get me arrested. I visited  Mr.Bojang at his Serre-Kunda offices regularly. He should mind his business or otherwise I will expose his corruption file. I know a lot about Landing Bojang. His second name is corruption. If he continues to provoke me, I will expose his corruption file here at the Freedom Newspaper. Bojang should leave me alone. I love my country   that’s why I took up the decision to work with  the Freedom Newspaper. This is the only credible paper telling the Gambian story accurately.” said Wise Man

Meanwhile, youths in Brikama said they rather die than to buy water. They told the Freedom Newspaper that the ongoing harassment directed at them was calculated to silence them. They vowed that nothing can sake them. They accused the police of harassment and intimidation.

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