By Bakary Gibba, Banjul

Sick prisoners at the Mile 2 Central Prisons are desperately crying for help as they complained that they lack proper medical care. According to the inmates , their health conditions are deteriorating by the day because they could not buy their prescribed medicines.

“Anytime we visit the RVHT we are told that there is no drugs , hence we are told to go to private pharmacies to buy drugs which we cannot afford,” said one of the sick inmates . The inmate says many of their colleagues were dying due to lack of drugs and good sanitation. He says they have long been neglected by the Government. He says many inmates have died in the recent past due to hunger and malnutrition.

According to our sources, a good number of prisoners were yesterday brought to the RVTH for treatment but only to be returned to their prison cells due to lack of drugs at the hospital .

In a sorrowful mode, one of the inmates cried aloud and said, “This is not the first time I have come to this hospital and each time I come here I am given prescription but they will tell me there is no drug in the hospital. Where would I get the medicine from when I solely depends on the government to help me get food, shelter and medication? We the prisoners at Mile 2 are suffering and we desperately need help from the government.


One of the inmates said he now prefers to stay not to visit any hospital, saying that they are sick and tied of hearing “ there is no medicine in the hospitals .”

The youngest among the inmates in fact was seen asking a lady to help him call his grand mother to bring him money to buy the prescribed medicine before he dies . The woman who was so sympathetic rushed to the telecentre to make the call to help the sick prisoner.

It could be recalled that Tamsir Jasseh, the former Immigration’s boss was sick and brought to the RVHT apparently suffering from back bone problem.

Meanwhile, people from all walks of life are also dissatisfied with the continued drug shortages in hospitals and health centre across the country. Gambians are also complaining about the poor service delivery of health officers , accusing them of ineptitude and official misconduct.


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