Bombshell At State House-Press Secretary Mam Sait Ceesay Fired!

“Ceesay Also Lost His Daily Observer Editor-In-Chief Job.”

By Our Banjul Bureau Chief Bolong Jammeh

The Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Observer, Mr Mam Sait Ceesay, has been  fired according to  highly placed sources at the State House.Mr Ceesay, who doubles as the Deputy Director of Press at State House, was reported to have lost both posts as the editor and State House assistant Press boss.It’s gathered that his sacking might have to do with an ongoing investigations to trace a State House insider who is accused by the Presidency of passing information to the Freedom Newspaper, a US based Gambian online paper. Mr.Ceesay who spent his journalistic life aiding and abetting the Jammeh government was dimissed with immediate effect, unimpeachable sources revealed. As we piece this story together, there is a big confusion at the State House press office. Panic and anxiety continues to grip local staffers as  the depature of Mam Sait Ceesay came as a “big shock and disbelief to them.” Mr.Ceesay who spent the weekend at Kanilai, the President’s home village reported to work this morning only to find his dismissal letter on his office desk. He was immediately ordered to surrender the keys to his official car, which meant that he had to humilatingly board the Bakau-Banjul mini van locally known as “Gelegelleh.” The disgraced former press secretary has been with the Jammeh government since July of 1994. He was the publisher of the military junta’s propaganda machine media outlet called the “Upfront Newspaper.” He also at some point worked at the Department of Information.Mr.Ceesay who is at this hour without a job was at the center of Jammeh’s propaganda activities at the Observer, a medium he uses to settle oldscores with government perceived opponents. While at the Observer Mr.Ceesay auhoured editorials in a bid to smear the image of the opposition, the private press in the Gambian and in the diaspora. His recent editorial was centered on the expulsion of the UN envoy in the Gambia and also that of the Sky News Correspondent who he  accused of professional misconduct. Ceesay attempted to smear the reputation of a reputable TV Correspondent Emma Hurd of the Sky News. Unfortunately, Ceesay received little public sympathy in the streets of Banjul. The average Gambian welcomed his sacking

It would be recalled that Ceesay was the forth Editor-in-chief of the Daily Observer to be hired and fired. First was Sheriff Bojang,  then Kebba Dibba who was transferred to the GRTS, Momodou Sanyang and Lamin Cham. Mr.Ceesay’s firing confirmed the regime’s ownership of the Observer, as he was able to work as both Editor-in-Chief of the Observer and the Press officer office of the President.This was further evident in the tactics of assigning accreditation to national events, traditionally conduted by the Information Department to the Observer Editor-in-chief.

Our Banjul Bureau Chief Bolong Jammeh is investigating the story. We would keep you posted about  developments as we received Bolong’s reports. Stay tuned.The Freedom Newspaper is your leading and most reliable source of news.

Dr. Badara Loum Released, Charged

Dr. Badara Joof, an erstwhile Permanent Secretary at the Department of State for Agriculture, has been released but could go to court any soon.
Dr. Loum was on Thursday enabled to gain his liberty from custody when the High Court in Banjul granted him bail .The State have already preferred charges against him.

Meanwhile, the trial of some military officers suspected of involvement in the foiled March 21 coup plot is well underway at the Military Tribunal at the 1st Infantry Battalion in Yundum.

Giving his account of the coup to the general court marshal, 2nd Lt. Pharing Sanyang, a suspect, recounted that he was at his office at State Guards Headquarters when he was informed by the deputy commander of the State Guards, Capt. Famara Jammeh, that a coup was in the making. He explained that he subsequently brought the matter to the knowledge of Major Serign Njie who gave him a team of men to provide security for the president who was at the time on a state visit to Mauritania. He added that whilst his men were boarding the military truck, Major Njie was busy making arrangements for the arrest those soldiers and officers suspected of having links with the coup plotters.

Lt. Sanyang added:“ I then left for the Airport with the men at 6pm. Whilst at the airport, Lt. Musa Jammeh alias Maliya Mungu, Lt. Alieu Badjie alongside other officers arrived at there. Musa informed me that they came to know about my health condition. He then asked me to board a waiting vehicle for State House. But on reaching Mile II, the vehicle went straight inside the prisons. In the prisons, Musa told me to hand over my military gears as I was to be sorted out .He asked me to narrate what I know about the coup .He hinted me that I would say something if his men were ready with me.”

According to him, he was later transferred to the NIA Headquarters in Banjul where he was subjected to torture.

The case resumes March 1st.

Trust Fund for Jammeh Aids Treatment

Parastatals,individuals, the private sector and the international community are now urged to contribute their widow’s mite to President Jammeh’s Hiv/Aids and other opportunistic illness trust fund.

A trust fund has been set up to support the president’s ongoing ‘treatment’ of Aids, Asthma and other illnesses and the fund drive have in fact gathered momentum when Mr Omar Malack of Malack Chemist put in the fund D20,000.
The Gambia’s secretary of state for health,Dr. Tamsir Mbowe,  is very much active, drumming up support for the fund drive. He thanked Mr Malack for giving the fund-raising a fillip and then called on all and sundry to chip in.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jammeh will today, at 5pm, begin attending to the Asthmatics.Those who have now resorted to the president’s treatment were, at the time of filing this story, trooping down to the country’s main referral hospital in Banjul but those who were earlier on treated by the president’s herbal concoctions are urged to stay clear from the hospital.

Bizarre Deaths in Kerewan

A shockwave was lately sent through Kerewan in North Bank Region of The Gambia when one Mariama Suwareh was found dead in a river in mysterious circumstances.

Before her death, Mariama had given birth to a baby boy but she deserted the house on February 18 only to be found floating in a river seven kilometres from where she left her belongings. She was laid to rest at the river bank late last week.

In another development, an unidentified body was discovered in the same Kerewan.

Closer to the Gambian capital, Banjul, an unidentified youth was reported to have committed a suicide when he threw himself from a tree just opposite the Kairaba Shopping Centre on Kairaba Avenue. He was heard uttering Allahu Akbar before his return to the ancestors.

Meanwhile, a random market survey conducted by our Banjul Bureau Chief revealed discouraging features in the Gambian markets with house-wives at the receiving end of the discouraging market trend.Prices of essential commodities are shooting through the roof.

Now to the currency market, a US dollar is today trading at D54.50. The pound trades at D54.50 whilst Euro trades at D35.50. 100 Swedish Kroner can be exchanged at D360 whilst 100 Danish Kroner is exchanged at 450.

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