Bombshell At Cabinet-Longest Serving Gambian Minster Sussan Waffa Ogoo Fired!  

President Jammeh Invokes Constitutional Powers To Fire Sussan

“Major Panic Hits Jammeh’s Cabinet”
…Police Questions Lawyer Mai Fatty

By Our Banjul Bureau Chief Bolong Jammeh

Susan Waffa-Ogoo Relieved

The President of the Republic, Alhaji Yaya A.J.J. Jammeh, has relieved Mrs Susan Waffa-Ogoo of her cabinet appointment with effect from today.Madam Ogoo was the secretary of state for trade and employment.The President was acting under the powers conferred on him by the Constitution of The Gambia. No official reason has so far being advanced for the PresidentÂ’s move to relieve one of the longest-serving cabinet members.
Madam Ogoo has served in the Cabinet in various ministerial positions since 1994.

Mrs.Ogoo was among the batch of Gambian Minister who were removed from office following a Presidential cabinet reshuffle. She was hired back few days after her removal. The cicumstances surrounding her removal is not yet clear. The government only issues a terse statement invoking constitutional provisions, which they say gave the President the mandate to remove the Minister.

Minister Ogoo’s removal is likely to create some panics in Jammeh’s cabinet, as she was being described as “Jammeh’s pet sister. They were both raised by the late Pa Alfounse Tamba of Latri-Kunda German. Local observers believe that the Gambian leader is trying signal to his cabinet  that there “wouldn’t be any scared cows in his government with him firing his own adopted sister Sussan Waffa Ogoo.

Mai Fatty Interrogated

Barrister Mai Fatty was a guest of the Gambian police when he was invited to the police Headquarters for questioning.
Mr Fatty, who was released on bail lately, was questioned over the jumping of bail by one of his clients who was said to have owed two people D1,40,000. His client’s release from custody was facilitated by Mai himself but the  former’s surety left the court premises without signing the bail bond with Fatty  reportedly making no effort to ensure the bail bond was signed.
“The client subsequently fled the jurisdiction of the court after his release and all efforts to contact his surety proved futile,” police sources say.
The police PRO, Aziz Bojang, said that Fatty was invited to help the police resolve the situation since he had made an undertaking to ensure the completion of the paper work.

Banjul Mayoress Distorts JammehÂ’s Speech

In what was described as a collective shame, the acting mayoress of Banjul last Sunday nearly distorted the entire meaning of PresidentÂ’s Jammeh independence speech in the midst of diplomats and senior government officials.
Shame could not have come in a bigger, better package when acting mayoress Mam Sey Njie-Sanneh could be seen shuddering, at turns, with the  president’s  prepared text at the July 22 Square, struggling to pronounce many words with difficulty.
“ We could not make head and tail of certain sentences of the president’s speech thanks to mispronunciation of words by the mayoress. This is a collective national shame,” remarked an observer.
But many were less surprised by the Banjul mayoressÂ’ distortion of the presidentÂ’s speech for the fact that most of the political appointments here are not based on merit rather on sycophancy, party affiliation among other considerations.

The KMC Conundrum

There appears to be no end in sight to the ‘cold war’ currently unfolding at the Kanifing Municipal Council.
Since the departure of Abdoulie Conteh from the KMC as the mayor, things are never the same at that council.
The councilors, some of whom  have already made several attempts to dislodge the acting mayor by either writing petitions or boycotting council meetings, are divided into two camps. While others blame Mr Francis Gomez for betraying former mayor Conteh by accepting to step into his shoes, others say Mr Gomez has done no crime in accepting the position.
Now reports are emerging that KMC is more preoccupied with internal squabbles than delivering the much-needed services to thousands of residents in the municipality. The corrugated roads in the municipality are daily topics of discourse and the indiscriminately strewn rubbish an eye-sore .KMC stand accused of side-stepping its responsibilities as most of its departments are now reportedly dysfunctional.
“ The uneasy relations between the acting mayor and councilors aligned to the acting deputy mayor,Yankuba Colley, is virtually paralyzing efforts here,” an insider lamented.

Jammeh Calls on Gambians

The Gambian leader, Alhaji Dr. Yaya A.J.J. Jammeh, was an ambassador of peace when he called on over 1.5 million Gambian citizens to cherish and strive towards the protection of the peace that the country enjoys.
The Gambian leader was addressing the nation on the eve of the GambiaÂ’s 42 independence anniversary on Saturday.
As part of his speech, President Jammeh entreated all Gambians to forget about their differences and use their diversity to a favorable national advantage .He vowed zero-tolerance for those he described trouble-makers in whatever form or manifestation, adding that nation building could not be predicated on disunity or division. “Common good takes precedence over everything,” Mr Jammeh reminded Gambians.
On his controversial treatment of Hiv/Aids, Jammeh was serene and confident that important breakthrough, as according to indications, have been made in finding solution to the problem .He claimed that a remedy have now been found for the disease after a long search but that Gambians and non-Gambians domiciling in the country should not allow themselves to be lured into a sense of complacency and urged them to maintain such social practices which would not contribute to the propagation of the scourge.

He said that another preoccupation of his government is ascertaining that the country takes her rightful place in the international community as a proud nation that can be counted upon and reckoned with as a dignified people contributing to the welfare of humanity.
At the time of delivering his speech, about 68% of people in rural Gambia were living in poverty whilst 40% still lived poverty in urban Gambia.
“It is with regret that an estimated 68% of people in the rural areas and 40% in the urban areas live in poverty.Poverty reduction forms a central part of my government’s policy and every patriotic Gambian should work towards helping the poor to better their conditions,” he posited.
“ It is pertinent to reiterate the need to reassess strengths and shortcomings in order to refocus energies and efforts towards greater achievements of our national development aspirations.”
President Jammeh emphasised that The Gambia, like all other sovereign states, has her inalienable right to self-determination as it relate to determining the course of destiny and working towards its attainment.

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