Basse Attempted Rape Incident: An American From Ohio Was Affected And Not Peace Corps!!

By Mama Sowe

Following an intensive investigations into the Basse attempted rape case, the Freedom Newspaper later discovered that the victim involved in the said incident was from Ohio State and not a peace corps volunteer as earlier reported. Our source mistaken the said US National to be a peace corps volunteer, when in actual fact she was not a volunteer. We deeply regret for any incontinence the said piece might have caused to Peace Corps Gambia. Our correspondent was informed that the US Citizen named withheld is currently hospitalized at the Medical Research Council MRC. She sustained injury on her mouth during the said incident, which left a Basse student arrested.

The lady and her friend Theresa worked with CADO at Basse. The young boy reportedly tried to rape her while they were on road site walk. A follow up to this story suggests that the rape victim was from Ohio and not a Peace Corps Volunteer as erroneously implied. The Peace Corps Director was right when he prevailed on Freedom to make a further follow up to the story. We have the victim’s name, but for ethical reasons we are not at liberty to disclose it.

The Management of the Freedom Newspaper once again apologizes to Peace Corps Gambia for such mistaken identity. What is obvious is that there was an attempted rape in Basse. Our primary goal is to get you accurate, factual, balanced and up-to-date Gambian news.

As stated earlier, the Freedom Newspaper editorial policy do not allow us to name rape victims-most importantly when it involved minors. The said editorial decision is inline with global journalistic standards. We hope our readers bear with us on this one.

By this disclaimer, we call on the Gambian police to help expedite the said case. The accused should face the full scale of the law without delay. The United States has been Gambia’s major developmental partner and therefore its national living in this country should be assured of their full protection. Failing to bring the perpetrators of such heinous crime would only give a bad name for the Gambia.

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