Breaking News:Baba Jobe impregnates the daughter of Chief Samboujang Jagne before going to jail!!

Jobe exposed!!

By A Correspondent

Wonders never seize as far as public officials in Jammeh’s  government are concerned. Scandals upon scandals continue to ravage the impoverished tiny West African country. The jailed Jarra West MP Baba K Jobe, also a former House Majority leader is reported to have impregnated a Farafenni girl prior to his jailing. Jobe’s new born baby is dominating public discussions in Farafenni. Nato Jagne, the daughter of prominent Farafenni Chief Ahagie Samboujang Jagne is currently nursing the baby of Baba Jobe who was born during Jobe’s imprisonment according to informed sources reaching this paper. Nato is the daughter of Amie Hydara, the chief’s third wife based on information volunteered by sources close to the disgraced Majority leader. Her relationship with “Bourr Jobe” as he  was fondly called  started when Nato Jagne was a student at the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI.) Majority leader Jobe  who was widely feared in those days due to his close ties with the President lured the young lady into a romantic relationship, which led to her subsequent impregnation.

In a bid to win the confidence of the Farafenni girl, Jobe dishes out money and other worldly  materials to her. Jobe showed up on many occasions at the GTTI to pick up his new girl friend. A source who had been following Jobe’s activities said Jobe had long been coining your girls into relationship only to dispose them off. The source said Jobe did everything humanely possible to lure the young lady into relationship. Considering his position then, many girls hardly turn down love relationships extended to them by mighty Jobe. A UN  indicted gun and blood diamond trafficker Baba Jobe is today fathering a kid he had no chances of seeing. His freedom to public access has been limited following his nine year and eight month economic crime imprisonment.

Nato Jagne used to reside in Banjul Tabacco road. She was staying in Banjul at the Chief’s Jagne Kunda house. Her elder sister Kaddy Jagne was tasked with overseeing her during the period in question. Kaddy Jagne was a staffer at the Central Bank. Baba Jobe’s repeated failed efforts to lure Kaddy Jagne into relationship cost her job. Jobe uses his position to influence the then Governor Momodou Clarke Bayo to fire Kaddy Jagne. Kaddy Jagne and Nato shared the same father in the person Chief Samboujang Jagne. Kaddy’s mother is the chief’s second wife. Prior to her sacking Kaddy Jagne was posted at the Central Bank’s  Library.

Her removal from the Bank strained relationship between Chief Jagne and Jobe, even though they all used to be APRC strong supporters. With Jobe impregnating his own daughter, Chief Jagne became angrier with the jailed MP. At some point Baba Jobe stopped meeting  Nato when the young lady disclosed to him that she was pregnant. Jobe could not withstand such an embarrassing state of affairs. Jobe never wanted the girl to name him, considering his position in the country in those days.

Kaddy Jagne who was a victim of sexual harassment thanks to Baba Jobe’s endless sexual menu is the wife of one Batch Samba, currently resident in Germany. Kaddy Jagne never filed a complain against Baba Jobe, even though she was “illegally fired” from her job for unexplained reasons. Sexual harassment is common thing in Jammeh’s government. Public officials used their positions to intimidate their subordinates. Women who failed to meet their sexual request are either fired or denied promotions.

The office of Ombudsman has been empowered to investigate cases of sexual harassment, but due to fear and cultural values  many women folks don’t want to talk about sex in the open. Some fear that their spouses might resort to divorcing them if they ever filed complains against such public officials. Many husbands cannot withstand such cases. They quickly draw conclusions that their partners must have been fooling around and as such are never respected by their bosses, which observers here say was far from the truth. There are public officials who enjoyed abusing their colleagues.

Nato Jagne is married to one Mr.Trawally, a  Customs official. Baba Jobe is apparently said to be denying fathering the baby. It’s gathered that Mr.Trawally married Nato Jagne after her delivery. Attempts to reach Nato for comments proved abortive.

Editors note: We published the story since Baba Jobe was a former public official. We harbored no grudges against Nato Jagne and her family. Our is to expose officials engaged in abusing their positions. This story is not intended to cause embarrassment to the new couples. Sex is considered as a “taboo” in Africa, but the sole objective of this story is to expose indecency in the Civil Service. Our women folks deserved respect. Our  source said he Jagne family member who believe that he would no justice to her sister and family without exposing the injustices meted to her sister by Jammeh’s own former political bigwig. We hope the Jagne family will understand our position. Again, we re-emphasized the the story is not malicious. It’s in the public interest since Jobe was being paid by tax payers.

Posted on Sunday, June 10, 2007 (Archive on Wednesday, June 27, 2007)
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